Diaz Effect? The Figure That Would Leave Liverpool To Go To Another Giant

With the season just a few weeks away, the futures of several stars are beginning to be defined ahead of the next transfer window. At Liverpool, several of them assess their prospects, as their great numbers this season have been easy prey for other big clubs looking to restructure their payrolls.

One of those who has begun to sound very loud to leave the club and take on a new life, is the Senegalese Sadio Mané, a player who has had a brilliant season with the Reds, and with his national team, Senegal. However, despite being one of the great artificers, the attacker could leave England to reach another giant.

According to the information that has come from that country, Mané would be in the orbit of Bayern Munich, a team that is looking for a replacement in the face of possible departures from benchmarks such as Lewandowski.


Sadio Mané arrived at Liverpool in June 2016 – Photo: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Now, Mané would have his reasons to leave the club with which he has a contract until 2023 as soon as possible. According to the Liverpool Echo newspaper, the Senegalese would be a bit upset by the priority they have given to Salah’s renewal, leaving a side yours.

On the other hand, the player feels that he has already completed his cycle there, since there have been six years of glories in which he has been a constant reference and before the arrival of new blood, like Luis Díaz, he could open the way for more prominence towards the Colombian.

Mané and Díaz, seal of friendship in Liverpool

Since the arrival of Luis Díaz at Liverpool was known, the role that references such as Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah would take this season was questioned. Several even assured that the three could not share the same scheme due to the similarity of their positions.

However, with the passing of the games, Jürgen Klopp took it upon himself to form a fearsome trident that broke through defenses in the Premier League and Champions League.

Mané even spoke of Díaz’s arrival and assured that he had no major concern. “I don’t see it as a competition. I see him as someone to make us better. If you want to be a great team, you need these types of players. We are very happy to have him and for sure we are going to win and Liverpool will win”, he expressed.

As the games went on, both players silenced the rumors with their displays of friendship at their team’s celebrations. The last of them occurred in the game between Liverpool and Villarreal for the Champions League.

After the match ended at the La Cerámica stadium, the Colombian forward met with Mané to euphorically celebrate reaching the Champions League final. The Senegalese even grabbed one of the cameras of the official broadcast and started screaming like crazy.

“Paris, we’re here,” said the African attacker while celebrating the win against Villarreal with the coffee footballer, who couldn’t hold back his tears and wept with emotion.

Given the good presentation he had, the attacker of the Colombian National Team received from Uefa the award for the most outstanding player of the commitment and was the center of attention of all the international media, as well as some legends of English football.

The Colombian, who was not included in the starting eleven by Jürgen Klopp, changed the face of the British team in the complementary part and only 45 minutes were enough for him to be the great figure of the match.

“In the final, Luis Díaz will be the starter. He came in and cheered on the entire locker room. I spoke to Klopp about him and he says he enjoys football every day.”



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