Did Donald Trump Say Queen Elizabeth Ii Privately Knighted Him?

Did Donald Trump Say Queen Elizabeth II Privately Knighted Him?

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An alleged publication by the former US president is circulating on social networks on his platform Truth Social in which he allegedly claims to have been decorated by the recently deceased British queen. However, this is false, since there is no record on the platform that accounts for such affirmation. The Government of the United States officially communicates that the presidents who were recognized by the British Crown after their mandates were Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, both of the Republican Party, just like Trump

It circulates on Twitter and Instagram (see here Y here) an alleged screenshot indicating that Donald Trump, through his communication platform Truth Social and after the death of Elizabeth II, had assured that the queen privately knighted him. The post attributed to the former GOP US President reads: “I never told anyone but she privately knighted me.” However, this is false: Trump never posted that.


The posting on Instagram received more than 2,300 “likes”, on Twitter more than 47,000 and was retweeted almost 4,000 times, according to the data provided by each of the social networks.

A search of Trump’s profile on his communication platform Truth Social does not yield any results that coincide with the supposed expression awarded to the former US president.

It is also not possible to verify a similar post on none of the screenshots of your profile archived by the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine platform

(a database that contains copies of different Internet sites in which its modifications can be consulted over time) since the death of the British queen.

Additionally, Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington confirmed that the alleged Truth Social post is false: “This is not real,” she wrote in an email to American fact-checking site AP, which also verified this misinformation.

One of the tweets published with disinformation ensures that the information about the alleged designation comes from the channel MSNBC. However, there is also no evidence that channel made such a claim and no story making such a claim can be found on the MSNBC website.

ShareAmerica, the US State Department’s platform for communicating US foreign policy to the worldindicates that Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush received the Most Honorable Order of the Bath of Knight Grand Cross shortly after completing their presidential terms, for their support of the British in their foreign policy.

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