Did Donald Trump Say That The United States And Italy Are Allies Since Ancient Rome?

Did Donald Trump Say That The United States And Italy Are Allies Since Ancient Rome?

The rumor was taking more and more strength, supported by some contextless photos about some gestures of the translator of the meeting of both leaders.

A donna a myth, l'interprete italiano di #Mattarella di fronte (anzi dietro) #Trump and i suoi sever impazziti! pic.twitter.com/0W2raXPOQt

– Attivissimo me 🇪🇺 🇮🇹 (@elivito) October 17, 2019


These were used to say that the woman was baffled by Trump's sayings, something that, although not ruled out, is certainly not because of the sayings attributed to her.

In the first place, the American president did mention Rome, but he did not do it with the translator behind him, much less said that both countries "were allies from ancient Rome."


In a separate meeting, shared by the official White House account on Twitter, it is seen that the head of state what he says is something similar, but never out of a much more sensible margin: “The United States and Italy they are united by a shared cultural and political heritage that goes back thousands of years, until ancient Rome, ”he said.

President @realDonaldTrump just wrapped up a joint press conference with President Mattarella of Italy.

“The United States and Italy are bound together by a shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years to Ancient Rome." 🇺🇸🇮🇹 pic.twitter.com/10Ib2h4O4e

– The White House (@WhiteHouse) October 16, 2019

On the version that spoke of the mistake with the surname of his counterpart, beyond a wide dissemination, none showed evidence. This also does not appear in the videos of the meeting or in the transcript of the speeches, published by the White House itself.

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However, the most outstanding sporting event at the beginning of the weekend will be the almost imminent ownership of James Rodrigo with Real Madrid, in the game that his team will have against Mallorca, from from 2:00 pm Colombian time. n

If James's ownership is confirmed, the Colombian will be an initialist after four games. However, it should be remembered that the u201810 u2019 of the Colombia National Team scored in the last match that Real Madrid played before the Fifa date for national teams matches, in the 4 by 2 victory against Granada. n

n n n n n n n

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The matches of Colombian National Team players such as Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, D u00e1vinson S u00e1nchez, Luis Fernando Muriel and David Ospina also stand out in sports programming as they return the emotions to the main leagues of football soccer of the world. n

The agenda this weekend is not as nourished as on previous occasions because this Friday the Colombians had action in River Plate and Boca Juniors, and the Galatasaray de Falcao Garc u00eda, although the u2018Tigre u2019 did not play u00f3 per lesi u00f3n. n

Next, the most important matches of world football for this Saturday and Sunday: n

Saturday, October 19 n nLazio vs. Atalanta (8:00 a.m.) nWith: Luis Fernando Muriel nTottenham vs. Watford (9:00 a.m.) nWith: D u00e1vinson S u00e1nchez nNapoli vs. Verona (11:00 a.m.) nWith: David Ospina nJuventus vs. Bologna (1:45 p.m.) nWith: Juan Guillermo Cuadrado nMallorca vs. Real Madrid (2:00 p.m.) nWith: James Rodr u00edguez nAm u00e9rica vs. Atlético Nacional (5:00 p.m.) NJunior vs. Millionaires (8:00 p.m.) N n

Sunday, October 20 n

Manchester United vs. Liverpool (10:30 pm) n "," you can also interest ": ({" image_desktop ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191007090014 /gettyimages-1174147450-280×185.jpg ", "image_mobile": "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191007090014 /gettyimages-1174147450-150×150.jpg", "link": " / sports / possible-training-real-madrid -contra-mallorca-by-date-9-liga-PP786466 "," title ":" With James! How to form Real Madrid against Mallorca by having many injured "," type ":" article ", "alt": "Reference image", "author": "Sergio Jacome", "author_img": "Reference image"}, {"image_desktop": "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018095045 /000_1li7kb-280×185.jpg "," image_mobile ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018095045 /000_1li7kb-150×150.jpg "," type ":" article " , "link": "https: / / www.pulzo.com / sports / inlcuso-argentina-causo-admiration-pass-gol-ronaldinho-con-santa-fe-PP786194", "title": " Even in Argentina they surrendered to Ronald inho for his goal pass without looking "," author ":" Pulzo "," author_img ":" Reference image "," alt ":" Ronaldinho "}, {" image_desktop ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d. cloudfront.net / images / 20191016093327 /000_1l470w-280×185.jpg "," image_mobile ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191016093327 /000_1l470w-150×150.jpg "," type ":" article "," link ":" https: / / www.pulzo.com / sports / james-encime-que-alista-real-madrid-for-your-next-signing-galactic- PP785011 "," title ":" 100 million euros more James, Madrid's offer for its next galactic "," author ":" Pulzo "," author_img ":" Reference image "," alt ":" James Rodr u00edguez "}, {" image_desktop ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191015105132 /cesar-augusto-londono-280×185.jpg "," image_mobile " : "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191015105132 /cesar-augusto-londono-150×150.jpg", "type": "article", "link": "https: / /www.pulzo.com/deportes/londono-ataca-preparador-arqueros-colombia-PP784381","title ":" Without arguments, Londo u00f1o puts a cloak of doubt about the Colombian archer's coach "," author ":" Pulzo "," author_img ":" Reference image "," alt ":" C u00e9sar Augusto Londo u00f1o | " }), "audio": "0", "chronological": 0}, {"id": "PP786673", "titles": {"main": "Cyber ​​pirates published Demi Lovato nudes on their own account from Snapchat "," facebook ":" The most recent victim of cybercriminals and their abuses to the privacy of celebrities. "," seo ":" Hackers publish Demi Lovato's nudes on his own Snapchat "}," phrases ": {" main ":" Computer criminals illegally entered the artist's account and posted some of their private photos there on Thursday afternoon. "}," categories ": { "main": {"slug": "entertainment", "name": "Entertainment"}}, "urls": {"main": " / entertainment / hackers-publish-nudes-demi-lovato-su- own-snapchat-PP786673 "}," author ": {" creator ": {" user ":" miguel.galvis "," name ":" Miguel Galvis "}," owner ": null}," published ": "1", "type": "article", "created": 1571464930, "updated": 1571464930, "images": {"meta": {"title": "Demi Lovato", "credit": "Instagram: @ddlovato "," description ":" Demi Lovato "," alt ":" Demi Lovato "," file ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20181113203637 / demi-lovato. jpg "}," types ": {" thumb ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20181113203637 /demi-lovato-150×150.jpg "," mobile ":" https: //d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181113203637/demi-lovato-288×162.jpg","media""""tttt://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181113203637/demi -lovato-482×320.jpg "," large ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20181113203637 /demi-lovato-900×485.jpg "," vertical ":" https: / /d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20181113203637 /demi-lovato-240×320.jpg "," opening ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20181113203637 / demi- lovato-795×470.jpg "," gif ":" "}}," censorship ":" 0 "," unpublishImage ":" 0 "," videos ": {" main ": null}," externalUrl ":" " , "carousel": "0", "tags" 🙁 "Demi Lovato "," hacker "," Snapchat ")," trinoTW ":" "," liveblog ":" 0 "," shorthand ":" "," sources ": ({" title ":" "," url " : "", "source": "EFE"}, {"title": "Demi Lovato u2019s nude photos leak after her Snapchat is hacked", "url": "https: / / www.latimes.com / entertainment-arts / story / 2019-10-18 / demi-lovato-nude-pictures-leaked "," source ":" Los Angeles Times "}, {" title ":" Demi Lovato's Snapchat Hacked, Nudes Leaked Online "," url ":" https: / / theblast.com / c / demi-lovato-nude-photos-hacked-snapchat "," source ":" Blast "})," related ": ("https: / / www.pulzo.com / nation / candidate-mayor-accused-ask-photos-nude-nina-15-years-PP782911", "https: / / www.pulzo. com / nation / jail-alias-pulcro-accused-rape-13-women-cali-PP785766 ")," body2 ":" n n

The newspaper The Los Angeles Times reported that Lovato's followers noticed a u2018SnapStory u2019 inside the singer's account that invited fans to see the nudes. N

The link led the followers to see several images in which the naked singer will appear. In addition, a sexual video of his was promised on the Discord platform, which he had to go out to ensure that he has a zero tolerance approach to illegal activity on his platform u201d .. n


According to the newspaper, the story was deleted in less than an hour. N

The irruption in Lovato's private account arises after she posted on her Instagram account a photo of her in a bikini and her natural body, without any touch-up, accompanied by a text that you said It is my biggest fear, a photo in an unedited bikini, as in a hint that challenged potential criminals. n n n n n n n n n n n n n View this post on Instagram n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n


This is my biggest fear. A photo of me in a unedited bikini. And guess what, it C20ULs CELLULIT !!!! I u2019m just literally sooooo tired of being ashamed of my body, editing it (yes the other bikini pics were edited u2013 and I hate that I did that but it u2019s the truth) so that others think I u2019m THEIR idea of what beautiful is, but it u2019s just not me. This is what I got. I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic to who I am rather than trying to meet someone else u2019s standards. So here u2019s me, unashamed, unafraid and proud to own a body that has fought through so much and will continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day. It u2019s such a great feeling to be back in tv / film while not stressing myself with a strenuous workout schedule before 14 hour days, or depriving myself from a real birthday cake rather than opting for watermelon & whip cream with candles because I was terrified of REAL cake and was miserable on some crazy diet shit. Anyway, here u2019s me, RAW, REAL! And I love me. And you should love you too! Now back to the studio .. I u2019m working on an anthem .. ud83d ude4f ud83c udffc ud83d ude4c ud83c udffc ud83e udd37 ud83c udffb u200d u2640 ufe0f also. Just so everyone u2019s clear .. I u2019m not stoked on my appearance BUT I am appreciative of it and sometimes that u2019s the best I can do. I hope to inspire someone to appreciate their body today too. ud83d udc97 #nationalcelulliteday #celluLIT ud83d udd25 ud83d udd25 ud83d udd25 n

A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on Sep 5, 2019 at 5:30 pm PDT n n n


The singer, who has been recovering since last year due to an overdose that led her to be admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles, California, admitted in 2016 that she suffers of bipolar syndrome and other eating disorders. n

Lovato, who in the 2016 election campaign has positioned himself in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has also demonstrated in defense of the so-called u201cso u00f1adores u201d, as well as the rights of minorities, gender equity and the eradication of stigma for the mentally ill. n

The group involved in the attack on Lovato's account will be the same as hacking the account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey last August, According to the Blast website. n "," you can also interest ": ({" image_desktop ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20190308192802 / nina-s-280×185 .jpg "," image_mobile ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20190308192802 /nina-s-150×150.jpg "," link ":" / nation / candidate-mayor -accused-asking-nude-photos-nina-15-years-PP782911 "," title ":" Candidate for mayor is accused of asking sexual photos of a 15-year-old girl "," type ":" article "," alt ":" Reference image "," author ":" David Aponte "," author_img ":" Reference image "}, {" image_desktop ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net /images/20191017152900/abusos-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191017152900/abusos-150×150.jpg","link ":" / nation / jail-alias-neat-accused-rape-13-women-cali-PP785766 "," title ":" Abuser left prison 5 months ago and is already accused of raping 13 women, in Cali "," type ":" article "," alt ":" Image of refere ncia "," author ":" Jeey Cruz "," author_img ":" Reference image "}, {" image_desktop ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018092247 / farina- y-greeicy-rendon-cantantes-280×185.jpg "," image_mobile ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018092247 /farina-y-greeicy-rendon-cantantes-150×150.jpg "," type ":" article "," link ":" https: / / www.pulzo.com / entertainment / dresses-greeicy-rendon-farina-famous-latin-american-music-awards-PP786079 "," title ":" The one with the orthopedic neck, and my famous celebrities at the Latin American Music Awards "," author ":" Pulzo "," author_img ":" Reference image "," alt ": "Farina and Greeicy Rend u00f3n, singers."}, {"Image_desktop": "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018190648 / sebastian-caicedo-y-carmen-villalobos-280×185. jpg "," image_mobile ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018190648 /sebastian-caicedo-y-carmen-villalobos-150×150.jpg "," type ":" article ", "link": "https: / / www.pulzo.com / entertain iento / / carmen-villalobos-case-with-sebastian-caicedo-cartagena-PP786543 "," title ":" This was the beach wedding style 'fairy tale' by Carmen Villalobos and Sebasti u00e1n Caicedo "," author " : "Pulzo", "author_img": "Reference image", "alt": "Sebasti u00e1n Caicedo and Carmen Villalobos"}), "audio": "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / pulzo -lite / audios /PP786673.mp3 "," chronological ": 0}, {" id ":" PP786667 "," titles ": {" main ":" Next week will begin the demolitions to make way for metro of Bogot u00e1 "," facebook ":" See if your property is within the layout of the first line of the Metro of Bogot u00e1 "," seo ":" Purchase of land for Bogot Metro begins u00e1 "}," phrases ": {" main ":" It is about 40 properties at key points of the 24-kilometer route that begins in the southwest of the capital and ends at 72nd Street with Caracas. "}, "categories": {"main": {"slug": "economy", "name": "Economy", "urls": {"main": " / economy / start-purchase-land -for-metro-bogo ta-PP786667 "}," author ": {" creator ": {" user ":" miguel.galvis "," name ":" Miguel Galvis "}," owner ": null}," published ":" 1 " , "type": "article", "created": 1571463548, "updated": 1571463654, "images": {"meta": {"title": "Bogot u00e1 Street with Transmilenio", "credit": " Getty Images "," description ":" Reference image. "," Alt ":" Bogot u00e1 Street with Transmilenio "," file ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019044424 /calle-de-bogota-con-transmilenio.jpg "}," types ": {" thumb ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019044424 / calle-de bogota-con-transmilenio-150×150.jpg "," mobile ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019044424 /calle-de-bogota-con-transmilenio-280×185.jpg ", "medium": "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019044424 /calle-de-bogota-con-transmilenio-420×278.jpg", "large": "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019044424 /calle-de-bogota-con-transmilenio-900×485.jpg "," vertical ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019044424 /calle-de-bogota-con-transmilenio-240×320.jpg "," opening ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019044424 / calle-de-bogota -con-transmilenio-592×350.jpg "," gif ":" "}}," censorship ":" 0 "," unpublishImage ":" 0 "," videos ": {" main ": null}," externalUrl " : "", "carousel": "0", "tags" 🙁 "Bogot Metro u00e1"), "trinoTW": "", "liveblog": "0", "shorthand": "", "sources ": ({" title ":" Next week, I will knock down the first houses in Bogot u00e1 for the construction of the subway "," url ":" https: / / canal1.com.co / news / next-week-tumbaran-the-first-houses-in-bogota-for-the-subway-construction / "," source ":" CM & "}, {" title ":" Check here if your property is within the layout of the first line of the Bogot Metro u00e1 "," url ":" https: / / www.metrodebogota.gov.co /? Q = content / site-query "," source ":" Bogot Metro u00e1 "}, {" title ":" So is the purchase of land for the construction of the Bogot u00e1 metro "," url ": "https: / / www.rcnradio .com / bogota / thus-goes-the-purchase-of-properties-for-construction-of-the-meter-of-bogota "," source ":" RCN Radio "}, {" title ":" District already It has 63 properties in the area where the Metro "," url "will be built:" https: / / www.elespectador.com / news / bogota / district-already-has-63-properties-of -the-zone-where-the-metro-article-878876 will be built "," source ":" The Spectator "})," related ":(" https: / / www.pulzo.com / nation / ambassador-chinese-colombia-speaks-consortium-that-will-build-metro-bogota-PP786031 "," https: / / www.pulzo.com / economia / consortium-chinese-apca-transmimetro-construira -metro-bogota-PP785432 ")," body2 ":" n n

Like that This was reported by CM & u00a0th this Friday, indicating that the sites in question are located in the four curves of the route: u201cla Villavicencio Avenue with May Day, May Day Avenue with Boyac u00e1, the May Day with NQS and first with Caracas u201d. N

However, in the live broadcast of that newsletter, it was assured that there are not 40 but 79 properties that will begin to be demolished. Likewise, this means reminded that a total of 1,441 are needed and that the work will begin on the premises of the town of Bosa where the yard of workshops and maneuvers of the system should be located.


Of the 1,441 lots, the Mayor's Office reported that 476 purchase offers had been made and 226 promises of sale had been signed, as was the case.Review RCN Radio on August 31. In addition, that station details that 214 of those properties have a high priority to start clearing the road. N

On the other hand, u00a0The Spectator added on that same date that u00a0178 primordial properties already counted u201c with studies of titles u201d, while other 21 u201cest u00e1n deeds u201d, 64 m u00e1s u201cya were delivered and in three se advance processes of expropriation u201d. n

u201cThe most difficult point of the work is the turn of Calle 1 with Caracas, which will be the narrowest curve of the entire route, concludes CM &. n

The Metro Company of Bogot u00e1 has enabled a page where you can check if your property is within the layout. For this you need to use the cadastral chip. N

n "," you can also interest ": ({" image_desktop ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018113313 /me-280×185.jpg "," image_mobile ":" https: / /d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018113313 /me-150×150.jpg "," link ":" / nation / Chinese-ambassador-Colombia-speaks-consortium-who-will build-metro-bogota- PP786031 "," title ":" China has much less corruption: Chinese ambassador, by tender of Bogot u00e1 metro "," type ":" article "," alt ":" Reference image "," author ":" Alejandra Hurtado "," author_img ":" Reference image "}, {" image_desktop ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191017031843 / metro-de-bogota- 280×185.jpg "," image_mobile ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191017031843 /metro-de-bogota-150×150.jpg "," link ":" / economy / consorcio-chino-apca-transmimetro-construira-metro-bogota-PP785432 "," title ":" Consortium consisting of two Chinese companies build u00e1 the Bogot Metro u00e1 "," type ":" article "," alt " :"Reference image"," author ":" Miguel Galvis "," author_img ":" Reference image "}, {" image_desktop ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20190905131335 / ISBN-178864577-280×185. jpg "," image_mobile ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20190905131335 /gettyimages-178864577-150×150.jpg "," type ":" article "," link ":" https : / / www.pulzo.com / economy / price-dollar-cayo-37-pesos-ubico-3428-pesos-Friday-October 18-PP786371 "," title ":" Price of the dollar in Colombia it falls with force and excites many "," author ":" Pulzo "," author_img ":" Reference image "," alt ":" D u00f3lar cay u00f3 "}, {" image_desktop ": "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018104359 /completion-28-280×185.png", "image_mobile": "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191018104359 /completion-28-150×150.png "," type ":" article "," link ":" https: / / www.pulzo.com / opinion / sheet-charges-avianca-holding-breach -viajeros-PP786216 "," title ":" "Mayday, mayday, mayday ": is imminent in Terior de Avianca "," author ":" Pulzo "," author_img ":" Reference image "," alt ":" Andr u00e9s Barrios Rubio "})," audio ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d. cloudfront.net / pulzo-lite / audios /PP786667.mp3 "}, {" id ":" PP786662 "," titles ": {" main ":" Huila defeat u00f3 to another big one, left l00f3 l u00edder and he already knows his rival in female Libertadores "," facebook ":" The Colombians defeated Pe u00f1arol, Cerro Porte u00f1o and now Colo Colo. "," seo ":" Huila qualified to the quarterfinals of the women's Libertadores 2019 "}," phrases ": {" main ":" Colo Colo, champion of the contest in 2012, fell 3-1 to Colombians who remain undefeated and are looking for the continental double championship in Quito, Ecuador . "}," categories ": {" main ": {" slug ":" sports "," name ":" Sports "}}," urls ": {" main ":" / sports / huila-clasifico -cuartos-final-libertadores-feminino-2019-PP786662 "}," author ": {" creator ": {" user ":" miguel.galvis "," name ":" Miguel Galvis "}," owner ": null }, "published": "1", "type": "article", "created": 1571459616, "updated": 1571459616 , "images": {"meta": {"title": "Huila Colo Colo in Libertadores-female-2019", "credit": "@ LibertadoresFEM, on Twitter", "description": "Huila defeat u00f3 3- 1st Colo Colo in the women's Libertadores 2019. "," Alt ":" Huila Colo Colo in the Libertadores-female-2019 "," file ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019040948 /huila-colo-colo-en-libertadores-femenina-2019.jpg "}," types ": {" thumb ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019040948 / huila -colo-colo-en-libertadores-feminino-2019-150×150.jpg "," mobile ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019040948 / huila-colo-colo-en- libertadores-feminina-2019-280×185.jpg "," medium ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019040948 / huila-colo-colo-en-libeertadores-feminino-2019-420×278 .jpg "," large ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019040948 /huila-colo-colo-en-libertadores-femenina-2019-800×485.jpg "," vertical " : "https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019040948 / hu ila-colo-colo-en-libertadores-feminino-2019-240×320.jpg "," opening ":" https: / / d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net / images / 20191019040948 / huila-colo-colo-en -libertadores-female-2019-592×350.jpg "," gif ":" "}}," censorship ":" 0 "," unpublishImage ":" 0 "," videos ": {" main ": null}," externalUrl ":" "," carousel ":" 0 "," tags ":(" Atlético Huila "," Copa Libertadores Femenina ")," trinoTW ":" "," liveblog ":" 0 "," shorthand ":" "," sources ": ({" title ":" "," url ":" "," source ":" EFE "})," related ":(" https: / / www.pulzo .com / sports / golazo-catalina-usme-while-huila-classify-female-liberators-PP784845 "," https: / / www.pulzo.com / sports / huila-begins-defe-PP783136 ")," body2 ":" n n

The attacker Kena Romero opened the way for the team to qualify for the classification with two goals, in addition to a goal by the samaria Sindi Constante. The Chileans discounted through Fernanda Hidalgo. N

With this result, in addition to the victory of Cerro, the positions were clear in group A: n n

ud83c udde8 ud83c uddf4 ud83c uddf5 ud83c uddfe u00a1 The final positions of Group A of the #FEM Libertadores with @AHuilaFemenino and @ CCP1912 official classified to quarterfinals! N

ud83d udccc A classifies final of Group A da #FEM Libertadores! #Huila e #CerroPorte u00f1o v u00e3o u00e0s quarter-finals. pic.twitter.com / 5sVYEvrHko n

u2014 CONMEBOL Female Libertadores (@LibertadoresFEM) October 19, 2019 n n


Group B also defined itself and led Cuenca to cross with the u2018cicl u00f3n u2019 and the Ferroviaria Brazilians to wait for Huila in the next phase. N n

ud83d udd1d u00a1The quarterfinal box of the #FEM Libertadores! Once the first crosses have been confirmed, this Saturday the Final Phase will be completed. N

ud83c udfc6As quartas of final da #FEM Libertadores! Confirmed the first duels, this Saturday at the end of the final phase will be complete. pic.twitter.com / pERX6BsDNJ n

u2014 CONMEBOL Female Libertadores (@LibertadoresFEM) October 19, 2019 n n


Group C will be defined tomorrow. He currently has Corinthians, with 6 points, followed by the Americas of Cali and Libertad Limpe u00f1o, with 3 points each, while Ecuador's u00d1a u00f1as are last, without points. N

In group D, Santiago Morning and UAI Urquiza go forward with four points each. Deportivo Independiente de Medellu00edn tiene 3 puntos y Municipalidad Majes, de Peru00fa, cierra sin puntos.n


La fase de grupos concluiru00e1 este su00e1bado asu00ed:nnLibertad Limpeu00f1o (PAR)-Corinthians (BRA).nu00d1au00f1as (ECU)-Amu00e9rica de Cali (COL).nDeportivo Independiente de Medellu00edn (COL)-Santiago Morning (CHI).nUAI Urquiza (ARG)-Municipalidad Majes (PER).nn","tambientepuedeinteresar":({"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191016021336/catalina-usme-america-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191016021336/catalina-usme-america-150×150.jpg","link":"/deportes/golazo-catalina-usme-mientras-huila-clasifica-libertadores-femenina-PP784845","title":"Huila clasificu00f3 en Libertadores femenina, pero la que da de que hablar es Catalina Usme","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"Miguel Galvis","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191012055112/huila-penarol-libertadores-femenina-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191012055112/huila-penarol-libertadores-femenina-150×150.jpg","link":"/deportes/huila-comienza-defe-PP783136","title":"Huila no se asusta con nombres: derrotu00f3 a Peu00f1arol en su debut de la Libertadores femenina","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"Miguel Galvis","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191017143732/omar-perez-y-ronaldinho1-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191017143732/omar-perez-y-ronaldinho1-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/deportes/asi-reacciono-omar-perez-cuando-vio-ronaldinho-con-10-santa-fe-PP785736","title":"u00d3mar Pu00e9rez rompiu00f3 el silencio y se destapu00f3 al ver a Ronaldinho con la 10 de Santa Fe","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"u00d3mar Pu00e9rez y Ronaldinho"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018095045/000_1li7kb-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018095045/000_1li7kb-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/deportes/inlcuso-argentina-causo-admiracion-pase-gol-ronaldinho-con-santa-fe-PP786194","title":"Hasta en Argentina se rindieron ante Ronaldinho por su pase gol sin mirar","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Ronaldinho"}),"audio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/pulzo-lite/audios/PP786662.mp3","cronologico":0},{"id":"PP786569","titles":{"main":"Duque se 'maluqueu00f3' y tuvo que suspender su agenda","facebook":"Tuvo que recibir atenciu00f3n mu00e9dica en el Palacio Municipal de Guayabetal. ","seo":"Ivu00e1n Duque tuvo que suspender su agenda por molestia fu00edsica"},"phrases":{"main":"El presidente de la Repu00fablica estaba de visita en el municipio de Guayabetal, Cundinamarca, cuando se vio afectado por una molestia muscular en su pie derecho."},"categories":{"main":{"slug":"nacion","name":"Naciu00f3n"}},"urls":{"main":"/nacion/ivan-duque-tuvo-que-suspender-su-agenda-por-molestia-fisica-PP786569"},"author":{"creator":{"user":"david.aponte","name":"David Aponte"},"owner":null},"published":"1","type":"article","created":1571429634,"updated":1571440076,"images":{"meta":{"title":"Ivu00e1n Duque","credit":"Foto: AFP-archivo","description":"Ivu00e1n Duque, presidente de la Repu00fablica","alt":"Ivu00e1n Duque","file":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190620212540/duquess.jpg"},"types":{"thumb":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190620212540/duquess-150×150.jpg","mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190620212540/duquess-280×185.jpg","medio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190620212540/duquess-420×278.jpg","large":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190620212540/duquess-900×485.jpg","vertical":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190620212540/duquess-240×320.jpg","opening":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190620212540/duquess-592×350.jpg","gif":""}},"censorship":"0","unpublishImage":"0","videos":{"main":null},"externalUrl":"","carousel":"0","tags":("Ivu00e1n Duque"),"trinoTW":"","liveblog":"0","shorthand":"","sources":({"title":"Duque retoma agenda tras breve suspensiu00f3n por molestia fu00edsica","url":"https://www.eltiempo.com/politica/gobierno/ivan-duque-se-enfermo-y-debio-suspender-su-agenda-de-trabajo-424538","source":"El Tiempo "},{"title":"Presidente Duque recibiu00f3 atenciu00f3n mu00e9dica en Guayabetal","url":"https://noticias.canalrcn.com/nacional/presidente-duque-recibe-atencion-medica-en-palacio-municipal-de-guayabetal-348554","source":"Noticias RCN"}),"related":("https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/pacto-no-agresion-entre-manifestantes-esmad-dio-ejemplo-PP786542","https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/abuela-causa-accidente-transito-medellin-video-PP786499"),"body2":"nn

El mismo Ivu00e1n Duque confirmu00f3 a varios medios la molestia, pero dijo, despuu00e9s del percance, que ya se encuentra bien, y que continuaru00e1 haciendo la supervisiu00f3n de la vu00eda al Llano.n

Estas fueron las declaraciones de Duque, recogidas por Noticias RCN:nn

#VIDEO | u201cYa afortunadamente estamos bien, y lo que estamos es contentos de estar acu00e1 haciendo la supervisiu00f3n de la Vu00eda al Llanou201d: Duque tras revisiu00f3n mu00e9dica https://t.co/TsRZM9fiP3 pic.twitter.com/eNPAJqz2OCn

u2014 Noticias RCN (@NoticiasRCN) October 18, 2019nn


A pesar de que Duque dijo sentirse mejor, los mu00e9dicos, segu00fan El Tiempo, le aconsejaron tomar reposo.n


Fuentes de la Presidencia dijeron, de acuerdo con ese periu00f3dico, que Duque se encuentra bien de salud. Agregaron al medio que u201cno habu00eda motivo para inquietarseu201d.n

Posteriormente, sobre las 5:30 de la tarde, se informu00f3 oficialmente que el presidente viajaru00eda a Villavicencio para terminar su agenda y, posteriormente, regresar a Bogotu00e1.n","tambientepuedeinteresar":({"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181115092532/esmad1-288×162.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181115092532/esmad1-150×150.jpg","link":"/nacion/pacto-no-agresion-entre-manifestantes-esmad-dio-ejemplo-PP786542","title":"(Video) Manifestantes y Esmad hicieron tregua, por un momento, en medio de las protestas","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"David Aponte","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018163535/accidente-555-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018163535/accidente-555-150×150.jpg","link":"/nacion/abuela-causa-accidente-transito-medellin-video-PP786499","title":"Abuela atropella a motociclista y para colmo es arrollada por su misma camioneta","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"Andres Gama","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018113313/me-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018113313/me-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/embajador-chino-colombia-habla-consorcio-que-construira-metro-bogota-PP786031","title":"China tiene mucha menos corrupciu00f3n: embajador chino, por licitaciu00f3n de metro de Bogotu00e1","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Metro de Bogotu00e1."},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190516192859/aida-merlano3-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190516192859/aida-merlano3-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/temen-que-aida-merlano-no-vuelva-aparecer-viva-PP781732","title":""En bajo mundo de la costa Atlu00e1ntica se dice que Au00edda Merlano no vuelve a aparecer viva"","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Au00edda Merlano"}),"audio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/pulzo-lite/audios/PP786569.mp3"},{"id":"PP786617","titles":{"main":"Estado de emergencia en Santiago de Chile por protestas ante alza de tarifas del metro","facebook":"Los chilenos se hacen sentir.","seo":"Protestas en Santiago de Chile por alza de tarifas de metro"},"phrases":{"main":"El caos del viernes en la capital se refleju00f3 en incendios y ataques al ferrocarril metropolitano, que obligaron a cerrar todas las estaciones del subterru00e1neo."},"categories":{"main":{"slug":"mundo","name":"Mundo"}},"urls":{"main":"/mundo/protestas-santiago-chile-por-alza-tarifas-metro-PP786617"},"author":{"creator":{"user":"mauricio.romero","name":"Mauricio Romero"},"owner":null},"published":"1","type":"article","created":1571439956,"updated":1571439956,"images":{"meta":{"title":"Chile","credit":"AFP","description":"Manifestantes protagonizaron desmanes por alza en precio del tiquete de metro, en Santiago de Chile.","alt":"Chile","file":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018230240/chile.jpg"},"types":{"thumb":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018230240/chile-150×150.jpg","mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018230240/chile-280×185.jpg","medio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018230240/chile-420×278.jpg","large":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018230240/chile-900×485.jpg","vertical":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018230240/chile-240×320.jpg","opening":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018230240/chile-592×350.jpg","gif":""}},"censorship":"0","unpublishImage":"0","videos":{"main":null},"externalUrl":"","carousel":"0","tags":("Metro","Santiago de Chile"),"trinoTW":"","liveblog":"0","shorthand":"","sources":({"title":"","url":"","source":"AFP"}),"related":("https://www.pulzo.com/mundo/levantan-paro-ecuador-que-dejo-59-policias-14-civiles-heridos-PP779004"),"body2":"nn

Los incidentes arrancaron de mau00f1ana y se multiplicaron al caer la noche. El edificio de la compau00f1u00eda elu00e9ctrica Enel y una sucursal del Bancou00a0Chile, ambos en el centro, y varias estaciones del Metro de Santiago fueron incendiadas, mientras en distintos puntos de la ciudad se mantenu00edan los enfrentamientos entre manifestantes y la Policu00eda.n

El edificio corporativo de Enel comenzu00f3 a arder por las escaleras de seguridad y las llamas alcanzaron luego a varios pisos superiores. Al cabo de una hora, Bomberos informu00f3 que u201cel incendio estu00e1 en fase de controlu201d.n

La compau00f1u00eda -cuestionada por el alza en las tarifas de electricidad y una fallida polu00edtica de actualizaciu00f3n de medidores- informu00f3 que cerca de las 22 horas locales u201cun grupo de desconocidos atacu00f3 las dependencias del edificiou201d pero que logru00f3 evacuar a sus trabajadores, quienes resultaron ilesos.n

Mientras que en los alrededores del edificio de Enel, un supermercado fue saqueado, segu00fan mostraron imu00e1genes de la televisiu00f3n local. Tambiu00e9n fueron atacadas con bombas incendiarias varias estaciones del ferrocarril metropolitano.n

Paralizaciu00f3n del Metron

Tras un llamado u00a0a u201cevasiones masivasu201d en el pago del pasaje del Metro, en rechazo al aumento de 800 a 830 pesos en su valor en hora punta, durante toda la jornada se sucedieron los ataques a distintas estaciones del ferrocarril metropolitano, eje del trasporte pu00fablico de la capital chilena, al movilizar a 3 millones de pasajeros por du00eda.n

Al final de la tarde y cuando los ataques se replicaban en casi todas las estaciones, la empresa estatal anunciu00f3 el cierre de todas sus estaciones debido a que los disturbios y destrozos impedu00edan la seguridad de pasajeros y trabajadores.n

n n n n n n n

Artu00edculo relacionadon Levantan paro en Ecuador que deju00f3 59 uniformados heridos y 379 personas detenidasn n n n n n n n n n n

La ministra de Transporte Gloria Hutt dijo que el servicio se iru00e1 recuperando gradualmente a lo largo de la semana pru00f3xima.n

Imposibilitados de acceder a las estaciones, miles de pasajeros debieron salir hasta la superficie para intentar subirse a un autobu00fas, los que circulaban completamente repletos, o a un taxi.n

En varios puntos de la ciudad, manifestantes levantaron barricadas y se enfrentaron con la Policu00eda. En la cu00e9ntrica Plaza Italia y el frontis palacio de Gobierno, encapuchados se enfrentaron con piedras y palos a los efectivos de las fuerzas especiales, que repelieron los ataques con chorros de agua y gas, en una verdadera batalla campal no vista desde hace tiempo en la capital chilena.n

Al caer la noche, vecinos tocaron sus cacerolas en seu00f1al de protesta en varios puntos de Santiago.n

Despuu00e9s de dos reuniones de emergencia en el palacio de La Moneda, el ministro del Interior y Seguridad, Andru00e9s Chadwick, condenu00f3 la violencia y anunciu00f3 que el gobierno pediru00e1 la aplicaciu00f3n de una severa ley de seguridad pu00fablica a los responsables de los incidentes.n

El presidente Sebastiu00e1n Piu00f1era calificu00f3 de delincuentes a los manifestantes.n

u201cEste afu00e1n de destruirlo todo, no es protesta, es delincuenciau201d, afirmu00f3 en una entrevista radial.n

Redes sociales, las protagonistas n

Reclutadas a travu00e9s de las redes sociales bajo la consigna #EvasionMasivaTodoElDia, miles de personas -mayoritariamente estudiantes- se concertaron durante toda esta semana para derribar las rejas de entrada a las estaciones, destruir los torniquetes y sobrepasar los controles de acceso Metro.n

El jueves las protestas dejaron 133 detenidos tras acciones simultu00e1neas en al menos cinco de las 164 estaciones del ferrocarril metropolitano, con dau00f1os calculados por la empresa estatal en entre 400 y 500 millones de pesos, equivalentes a unos 634.000 du00f3lares.n

Sustentado en el alza en el precio del petru00f3leo, el du00f3lar y la modernizaciu00f3n del sistema, el valor del pasaje del Metro de Santiago en las horas punta -de la mau00f1ana y la tarde- quedu00f3 en 830 pesos (unos 1,17 du00f3lares). Desde 2010 no se daba un alza en ese rango.n

El incremento no afectu00f3 el valor de los pasajes para estudiantes y la tercera edad, pero se suma, sin embargo, al alza general de 20 pesos en las tarifas decretada en enero pasado.n

La ministra Hutt afirmu00f3 este viernes que no es posible dar marcha atru00e1s al aumento de tarifa en el ferrocarril metropolitano, que con una extensiu00f3n de 140 km, es el mu00e1s extenso de Sudamu00e9rica.n

Desde que en 2006 sus operaciones se integraron con las de los autobuses pu00fablicos, el ferrocarril metropolitano se ha ido consolidando como el eje del transporte pu00fablico de Santiago, una ciudad con altos niveles de contaminaciu00f3n y congestiu00f3n.n","tambientepuedeinteresar":({"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191004202504/ecuador1-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191004202504/ecuador1-150×150.jpg","link":"/mundo/levantan-paro-ecuador-que-dejo-59-policias-14-civiles-heridos-PP779004","title":"Levantan paro en Ecuador que deju00f3 59 uniformados heridos y 379 personas detenidas","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"Mauricio Romero","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191011135824/gettyimages-938123108-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191011135824/gettyimages-938123108-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/mundo/podrian-desaparecer-pantallas-digitales-asientos-aviones-PP782818","title":"u00bfDesapareceru00e1n las pantallas digitales de los asientos de los aviones?","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Pantalla digital en asiento de aviu00f3n"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018110331/000_1kv7rg-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018110331/000_1kv7rg-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/mundo/video-maduro-dice-ninos-que-producir-alimentos-educa-que-mil-libros-PP786241","title":"u201cProducir alimentos con nuestras manos educa mucho mu00e1s que mil librosu201d: Maduro, a niu00f1os","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Nicolu00e1s Maduro"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191017235933/violencia-en-culiacan-sinaloa-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191017235933/violencia-en-culiacan-sinaloa-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/mundo/por-violencia-autoridades-mexico-tuvieron-que-liberar-hijo-chapo-PP785987","title":"Mu00e9xico se arrodilla ante narcos: libera a hijo del 'Chapo' para parar asonadas en Sinaloa","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Violencia en Culiacu00e1n, Sinaloa"}),"audio":null,"cronologico":0},{"id":"PP786612","titles":{"main":"Quintero es una estrella en Argentina: le piden selfis hasta hinchas de equipos rivales","facebook":" #Deportes #Video u00a1Quu00e9 humildad! ","seo":" A Quintero le piden fotos luego de partido en argentina, video "},"phrases":{"main":"El hecho, que fue captado en video, ocurriu00f3 luego del partido entre River Plate y Arsenal por la Superliga, que finalizu00f3 empatado a 3 goles este viernes. "},"categories":{"main":{"slug":"deportes","name":"Deportes"}},"urls":{"main":"/deportes/quintero-piden-fotos-luego-partido-argentina-video-PP786612"},"author":{"creator":{"user":"andres.gama","name":"Andres Gama"},"owner":null},"published":"1","type":"article","created":1571438395,"updated":1571439085,"images":{"meta":{"title":"Juan Fernando Quintero","credit":"Instagram: @juanferquinterop","description":"Juan Fernando Quintero","alt":"Juan Fernando Quintero","file":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190830190956/juan-fernando-quintero.jpg"},"types":{"thumb":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190830190956/juan-fernando-quintero-150×150.jpg","mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190830190956/juan-fernando-quintero-280×185.jpg","medio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190830190956/juan-fernando-quintero-420×278.jpg","large":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190830190956/juan-fernando-quintero-900×485.jpg","vertical":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190830190956/juan-fernando-quintero-240×320.jpg","opening":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190830190956/juan-fernando-quintero-592×350.jpg","gif":""}},"censorship":"0","unpublishImage":"0","videos":{"main":null},"externalUrl":"","carousel":"0","tags":("Juan Sebastiu00e1n Quintero","River Plate"),"trinoTW":"","liveblog":"0","shorthand":"","sources":({"title":"Fox Sport Argentina ","url":"https://twitter.com/foxsportsarg/status/1185356452648624130?s=12","source":"Twitter"}),"related":("https://www.pulzo.com/deportes/posible-formacion-real-madrid-contra-mallorca-por-fecha-9-liga-PP786466"),"body2":"nn

En las imu00e1genes se ve cu00f3mo el futbolista colombiano se disponu00eda a retirarse de la cancha, pero es abordado por varios niu00f1os que le piden una foto.n

A pesar del cansancio, el antioqueu00f1o no le niega ninguna instantu00e1nea a los menores e incluso saluda fraternalmente a varios de ellos. n

Lo curioso del clip es que los hinchas son del Arsenal y no del equipo millonario.n


Quintero tuvo un destacable desempeu00f1o en el partido porque asistiu00f3 en 2 tantos y salvu00f3 a su equipo de perder el partido.u00a0u00a0n

River Plate se prepara para la vuelta de las semifinales de la Copa Libertadores 2019 ante su eterno rival, Boca Juniors.n

A continuaciu00f3n, el video en el que los fanu00e1ticos del equipo contrario le piden selfis:u00a0u00a0nn

TODOS QUIEREN UNA FOTO CON QUINTERO#SuperligaxFOX | Asu00ed se retiru00f3 Juanfer del campo de juego, a pura selfie con los presentes en Sarandu00ed. pic.twitter.com/8dXnZCuFxIn

u2014 FOX Sports Argentina (@FOXSportsArg) October 19, 2019nn

n","tambientepuedeinteresar":({"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191007090014/gettyimages-1174147450-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191007090014/gettyimages-1174147450-150×150.jpg","link":"/deportes/posible-formacion-real-madrid-contra-mallorca-por-fecha-9-liga-PP786466","title":"u00a1Con James! Asu00ed formaru00eda el Real Madrid contra Mallorca al tener muchos lesionados","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"Sergio Jacome","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190623201033/lionel-messi2-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190623201033/lionel-messi2-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/deportes/lionel-messi-acepta-que-argentinos-equivocan-creerse-mejores-PP786432","title":"Messi se sinceru00f3 y aceptu00f3 que los argentinos tienen bien ganada la fama de agrandados","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Lionel Messi"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191017143732/omar-perez-y-ronaldinho1-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191017143732/omar-perez-y-ronaldinho1-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/deportes/asi-reacciono-omar-perez-cuando-vio-ronaldinho-con-10-santa-fe-PP785736","title":"u00d3mar Pu00e9rez rompiu00f3 el silencio y se destapu00f3 al ver a Ronaldinho con la 10 de Santa Fe","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"u00d3mar Pu00e9rez y Ronaldinho"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191011222754/janez-brajkovic-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191011222754/janez-brajkovic-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/deportes/janez-brajkovic-muestra-impactante-foto-su-pierna-10-meses-competir-PP783064","title":"Ciclista muestra cu00f3mo quedu00f3 su pierna al volver a competir; asu00ed estaba antes","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Janez Brajkovic"}),"audio":"0"},{"id":"PP786659","titles":{"main":"Espau00f1a accede a cooperar para rescatar el galeu00f3n San Josu00e9 sin dividirlo ni comercializarlo","facebook":"El pecio quedaru00e1 finalmente a salvo de piratas.","seo":"Espau00f1a cooperaru00e1 con Colombia para rescatar el galeu00f3n San Josu00e9"},"phrases":{"main":"Los gobiernos de ambos pau00edses acordaron considerar mecanismos que permitan la cooperaciu00f3n cientu00edfica y cultural para el rescate del galeu00f3n de bandera espau00f1ola."},"categories":{"main":{"slug":"nacion","name":"Naciu00f3n"}},"urls":{"main":"/nacion/espana-cooperara-con-colombia-para-rescatar-galeon-san-jose-PP786659"},"author":{"creator":{"user":"miguel.galvis","name":"Miguel Galvis"},"owner":null},"published":"1","type":"article","created":1571457044,"updated":1571457044,"images":{"meta":{"title":"Galeu00f3n San Josu00e9","credit":"Wikimedia Commons","description":"","alt":"Galeu00f3n San Josu00e9","file":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212141721/galeon-san-jose-wikimedia-commons.jpg"},"types":{"thumb":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212141721/galeon-san-jose-wikimedia-commons-150×150.jpg","mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212141721/galeon-san-jose-wikimedia-commons-280×185.jpg","medio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212141721/galeon-san-jose-wikimedia-commons-420×278.jpg","large":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212141721/galeon-san-jose-wikimedia-commons.jpg","vertical":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212141721/galeon-san-jose-wikimedia-commons-240×320.jpg","opening":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212141721/galeon-san-jose-wikimedia-commons-592×350.jpg","gif":""}},"censorship":"0","unpublishImage":"0","videos":{"main":null},"externalUrl":"","carousel":"0","tags":("Espau00f1a","Galeu00f3n San Josu00e9"),"trinoTW":"","liveblog":"0","shorthand":"","sources":({"title":"Espau00f1a comparte posiciu00f3n de Colombia sobre principio de preservaciu00f3n indivisible del Patrimonio Cultural subacuu00e1tico","url":"https://mlr.vicepresidencia.gov.co/Paginas/prensa/2019/Espana-comparte-posicion-de-Colombia-sobre-principio-de-preservacion-indivisible-del-Patrimonio-Cultural-subacuatico.aspx","source":"Vicepresidencia de la Repu00fablica"},{"title":"","url":"","source":"EFE"}),"related":("https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/por-rescate-galeon-san-jose-no-pagara-con-tesoro-dice-vice-ramirez-PP781709"),"body2":"nn

Los ministros espau00f1oles de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cultura y Deportes, Josep Borrell y Josu00e9 Guirao, respectivamente, llegaron a ese acuerdo en reuniu00f3n con la vicepresidenta, Marta Lucu00eda Ramu00edrez.n

Segu00fan informu00f3 la vicepresidencia, la cooperaciu00f3n se llevaru00e1 acabo conforme a la estructura institucional que Colombia disponga y articule para adelantar el proyecto.n

Tras reiterar sus respectivas posiciones juru00eddicas relativas al Galeu00f3n San Josu00e9, los dos Gobiernos coincidieron en que su objetivo es la u201cpreservaciu00f3n indivisible del patrimonio cultural subacuu00e1tico del Galeu00f3n San Josu00e9 y en rechazar la explotaciu00f3nu201d.n

Asimismo, rechazaron la explotaciu00f3n comercial que conlleve que objetos patrimoniales que hayan estado sumergidos sean objeto de transacciones, pago en especie, u operaciones de compra, venta, o trueque por actividades de extracciu00f3n o conservaciu00f3n de dicho patrimonio sumergido.n

La vicepresidenta ya habu00eda adelantado la semana pasada su intenciu00f3n de renunciar a la explotaciu00f3n comercial del pecio del galeu00f3n San Josu00e9 y preservar u00edntegramente el patrimonio cultural subacuu00e1tico, lo cual fue celebrado por el Gobierno de Espau00f1a.n

n n n n n n n

Artu00edculo relacionadon "Ni una sola moneda" se sacaru00e1 del galeu00f3n San Josu00e9 para pagar por su rescaten n n n n n n n n n n

El galeu00f3n San Josu00e9 era un barco de guerra de pabellu00f3n espau00f1ol, que se hundiu00f3 en 1708 en el transcurso de un combate naval con 600 marineros a bordo.n","tambientepuedeinteresar":({"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191009215138/galeon-san-jose-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191009215138/galeon-san-jose-150×150.jpg","link":"/nacion/por-rescate-galeon-san-jose-no-pagara-con-tesoro-dice-vice-ramirez-PP781709","title":""Ni una sola moneda" se sacaru00e1 del galeu00f3n San Josu00e9 para pagar por su rescate","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"Jeey Cruz","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018113313/me-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018113313/me-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/embajador-chino-colombia-habla-consorcio-que-construira-metro-bogota-PP786031","title":"China tiene mucha menos corrupciu00f3n: embajador chino, por licitaciu00f3n de metro de Bogotu00e1","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Metro de Bogotu00e1."},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191001204339/13184829aida-merlano-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191001204339/13184829aida-merlano-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/carta-aida-merlano-publicada-por-cura-hoyos-sobre-corruptos-atlantico-PP779762","title":"Carta que Merlano enviu00f3 al cura Hoyos hundiru00eda a los mu00e1s poderosos de la costa Caribe","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Au00edda Merlano"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191002143614/aida-m-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191002143614/aida-m-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/columna-maria-jimena-duzan-sobre-aida-merlano-gerlein-char-PP779451","title":"u201cMerlano llegu00f3 a los exclusivos cu00edrculos barranquilleros al mezclar el poder y el sexou201d","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Au00edda Merlano"}),"audio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/pulzo-lite/audios/PP786659.mp3","cronologico":0},{"id":"PP786676","titles":{"main":"Fijan fecha de indagatoria a congresista uribista, por lu00edo judicial del expresidente","facebook":"Uribe esperaba que la Corte Suprema de Justicia revocara la cita de su colega, pero eso no pasu00f3. ","seo":"Fecha de indagatoria de u00c1lvaro Hernu00e1n Prada por caso de falsos testigos de Uribe"},"phrases":{"main":"La Sala de Instrucciu00f3n de la Corte Suprema de Justicia dijo que el representante u00c1lvaro Hernu00e1n Prada debe presentarse ante el alto tribunal el 6 de noviembre."},"categories":{"main":{"slug":"nacion","name":"Naciu00f3n"}},"urls":{"main":"/nacion/fecha-indagatoria-alvaro-hernan-prada-por-caso-falsos-testigos-uribe-PP786676"},"author":{"creator":{"user":"alejandra.hurtado","name":"Alejandra Hurtado"},"owner":null},"published":"1","type":"article","created":1571469440,"updated":1571469969,"images":{"meta":{"title":"u00c1lvaro Hernu00e1n Prada","credit":"Twitter: @CamaraColombia","description":"u00c1lvaro Hernu00e1n Prada, representante del Centro Democru00e1tico y ponente del proyecto.","alt":"u00c1lvaro Hernu00e1n Prada","file":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212155836/dupam7exgaebqnc.jpg"},"types":{"thumb":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212155836/dupam7exgaebqnc-150×150.jpg","mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212155836/dupam7exgaebqnc-280×185.jpg","medio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212155836/dupam7exgaebqnc-420×278.jpg","large":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212155836/dupam7exgaebqnc-900×485.jpg","vertical":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212155836/dupam7exgaebqnc-240×320.jpg","opening":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20181212155836/dupam7exgaebqnc-592×350.jpg","gif":""}},"censorship":"0","unpublishImage":"0","videos":{"main":null},"externalUrl":"","carousel":"0","tags":("u00c1lvaro Hernu00e1n Prada","u00c1lvaro Uribe Vu00e9lez","Corte Suprema de Justicia","Falsos testigos"),"trinoTW":"","liveblog":"0","shorthand":"","sources":({"title":"Indagatoria de u00c1lvaro Hernu00e1n Prada seru00e1 el 6 de noviembre","url":"https://www.bluradio.com/judicial/indagatoria-de-alvaro-hernan-prada-sera-el-6-de-noviembre-230139-ie435","source":"Blu Radio"},{"title":"Corte Suprema de Justicia fija fecha de indagatoria a u00c1lvaro Hernu00e1n Prada","url":"https://canal1.com.co/noticias/corte-suprema-de-justicia-fija-fecha-de-indagatoria-a-alvaro-hernan-prada/","source":"CM&"},{"title":"@AlvaroUribeVel","url":"https://www.facebook.com/AlvaroUribeVel/videos/746133785838935/","source":"Facebook "}),"related":("https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/defensa-uribe-busca-tumbar-testimonio-contra-carlos-enrique-velez-PP784862"),"body2":"nn

La Corte citu00f3 al congresista Prada, del Centro Democru00e1tico, a las 8:00 de la mau00f1ana, informu00f3 Blu Radio, para conocer su versiu00f3n en el caso de falsos testigos, por el que el expresidente u00c1lvaro Uribe ya dio su declaraciu00f3n.n

La indagatoria de Prada la haru00e1 el mismo magistrado que escuchu00f3 a Uribe, el togado Cu00e9sar Reyes, que es el ponente del caso en la Sala de Instrucciu00f3n de la Corte Suprema, indicu00f3 CM&.n

El representante uribista, seu00f1alado de intentar manipular testigos para que declararan que el hoy senador (Uribe) no tenu00eda vu00ednculos con paramilitares, tenu00eda su cita ante el alto tribunal el 9 de octubre, un du00eda despuu00e9s de la declaraciu00f3n del expresidente, pero esta se suspendiu00f3.n

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Artu00edculo relacionadon As bajo la manga con el que Uribe busca desacreditar declaraciu00f3n de testigo volteadon n n n n n n n n n n

Esa decisiu00f3n la celebru00f3 el lu00edder del Centro Democru00e1tico en un discurso que dio luego de cumplir su diligencia ante el alto tribunal, y que fue transmitido en vivo en su Facebook. Ahu00ed, el senador dijo que esperaba que la Corte revocara la indagatoria de Prada, cosa que no sucediu00f3.n

Asu00ed entonces, Prada deberu00e1 asistir el miu00e9rcoles 6 de noviembre ante la Corte Suprema. Despuu00e9s de su declaraciu00f3n, dijo CM&, el alto tribunal decidiru00e1 si hay evidencias suficientes para llamar a juicio a los congresistas.n","tambientepuedeinteresar":({"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191016045702/uribe-getty-images-1-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191016045702/uribe-getty-images-1-150×150.jpg","link":"/nacion/defensa-uribe-busca-tumbar-testimonio-contra-carlos-enrique-velez-PP784862","title":"As bajo la manga con el que Uribe busca desacreditar declaraciu00f3n de testigo volteado","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"Alejandra Hurtado","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190516192859/aida-merlano3-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190516192859/aida-merlano3-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/temen-que-aida-merlano-no-vuelva-aparecer-viva-PP781732","title":""En bajo mundo de la costa Atlu00e1ntica se dice que Au00edda Merlano no vuelve a aparecer viva"","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Au00edda Merlano"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191001204339/13184829aida-merlano-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191001204339/13184829aida-merlano-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/companera-prision-aida-merlano-estaba-enamorada-exsendora-PP784958","title":"Compau00f1era de Au00edda Merlano en prisiu00f3n se enamoru00f3 de ella, pero le cogiu00f3 rencor por rechazo","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Au00edda Merlano"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018163535/accidente-555-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018163535/accidente-555-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/nacion/abuela-causa-accidente-transito-medellin-video-PP786499","title":"Abuela atropella a motociclista y para colmo es arrollada por su misma camioneta","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Accidente Medellu00edn"}),"audio":"0"},{"id":"PP786654","titles":{"main":"(Video) Shakira se animu00f3 a cantar una de Green Day y le piden que cante mu00e1s rock","facebook":""Me gusta mu00e1s Shaki rock que Shaki reguetu00f3n", comentan.","seo":"Shakira cantu00f3 'Basket case', de Green Day"},"phrases":{"main":"En su propio estudio de grabaciu00f3n, y junto a su productor, la barranquillera se animu00f3 a interpretar el tema 'Basket case', del u00e1lbum 'Dookie', que data de 1994."},"categories":{"main":{"slug":"entretenimiento","name":"Entretenimiento"}},"urls":{"main":"/entretenimiento/shakira-canto-basket-case-green-day-PP786654"},"author":{"creator":{"user":"miguel.galvis","name":"Miguel Galvis"},"owner":null},"published":"1","type":"article","created":1571452289,"updated":1571452320,"images":{"meta":{"title":"Shakira","credit":"Shakira, en Facebook","description":"","alt":"Shakira","file":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191019021217/shakira3.jpg"},"types":{"thumb":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191019021217/shakira3-150×150.jpg","mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191019021217/shakira3-280×185.jpg","medio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191019021217/shakira3-420×278.jpg","large":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191019021217/shakira3-900×485.jpg","vertical":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191019021217/shakira3-240×320.jpg","opening":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191019021217/shakira3-592×350.jpg","gif":""}},"censorship":"0","unpublishImage":"0","videos":{"main":null},"externalUrl":"","carousel":"0","tags":("Green Day","Shakira"),"trinoTW":"","liveblog":"0","shorthand":"","sources":({"title":"@shakira","url":"https://www.instagram.com/p/B3xg26tAmrD/?igshid=dv7c7rzdfysp","source":"Instagram"}),"related":("https://www.pulzo.com/entretenimiento/duras-criticas-ana-jurka-presentadora-telemundo-por-shakira-PP774777","https://www.pulzo.com/entretenimiento/shakira-jennifer-lopez-cantaran-super-bowl-2020-PP773808"),"body2":"nn

Aunque por momentos la letra se le escapaba, la versiu00f3n de la colombiana resultu00f3 bastante buena y permite preguntarse si ella y el grupo podru00edan hacer algo juntos en un futuro.n

u201cSiempre fui mu00e1s fan de esta Shakirau201d, u201cverdadera mu00fasica, muy bien Shakirau201d, u201cquu00e9 brutalu201d y u201cmil veces Shaki rock que Shaki reguetu00f3nu201d, fueron algunos de los comentarios que recibiu00f3 el video en Instagram.n


Este es el video:nn nnnnnnnnnnn View this post on Instagramnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Me, being a basket case with my produceru2026n

A post shared by Shakira (@shakira) on Oct 18, 2019 at 1:53pm PDTnnn


La colombiana se prepara para compromisos como la apariciu00f3n en el show de medio tiempo del pru00f3ximo u2018Su00faper Bowlu2019 del fu00fatbol americano, la colombiana espera el estreno de su pelu00edcula u2018El Dorado World Touru2019, que estaru00e1 en cines el 13 de noviembre.n","tambientepuedeinteresar":({"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190927233542/ana-jurka-y-shakira-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190927233542/ana-jurka-y-shakira-150×150.jpg","link":"/entretenimiento/duras-criticas-ana-jurka-presentadora-telemundo-por-shakira-PP774777","title":"Contundente 'apaleada' se llevu00f3 presentadora por llamar a Shakira "la esposa de Piquu00e9"","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"Yenifer Rivera","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190222163925/shakira_gettyimages-1010627764-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20190222163925/shakira_gettyimages-1010627764-150×150.jpg","link":"/entretenimiento/shakira-jennifer-lopez-cantaran-super-bowl-2020-PP773808","title":"Shakira confirmu00f3 su participaciu00f3n en el Super Bowl 2020… y no estaru00e1 sola","type":"article","alt":"Imagen de referencia","author":"Yenifer Rivera","author_img":"Imagen de referencia"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018165241/shannon-de-lima-y-james-rodriguez-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018165241/shannon-de-lima-y-james-rodriguez-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/entretenimiento/todo-dijo-que-shannon-lima-james-rodriguez-podrian-ser-papas-PP786501","title":"u00bfShannon de Lima y James Rodru00edguez van a ser papu00e1s? u2018Lo su00e9 todou2019 sembru00f3 la duda","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Shannon de Lima y James Rodru00edguez"},{"image_desktop":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018190648/sebastian-caicedo-y-carmen-villalobos-280×185.jpg","image_mobile":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/images/20191018190648/sebastian-caicedo-y-carmen-villalobos-150×150.jpg","type":"article","link":"https://www.pulzo.com/entretenimiento/carmen-villalobos-caso-con-sebastian-caicedo-cartagena-PP786543","title":"Asu00ed fue boda playera estilo 'cuento de hadas' de Carmen Villalobos y Sebastiu00e1n Caicedo","author":"Pulzo","author_img":"Imagen de referencia","alt":"Sebastiu00e1n Caicedo y Carmen Villalobos"}),"audio":"https://d2yoo3qu6vrk5d.cloudfront.net/pulzo-lite/audios/PP786654.mp3"});



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