Did Donald Trump Succeed In Iran?

Did Donald Trump succeed in Iran? – THE NATION






The acolytes of
Trump quickly proclaimed him victorious for having removed the architect from the international adventure of
 Iran and avoided a more harmful response. This evaluation was premature and myopic. Iran's attacks on the interests and allies of the United States will surely continue in the coming months. Unless the Trump administration quickly intensifies its diplomatic game, what Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called his ultimate goal – the elimination of the US. UU. from
 Middle East – could soon be realized in
Iraq and

In his speech at the White House on Wednesday, Trump said he would "never let" Iran have a nuclear weapon. But, after discarding the agreement that reduced Iran's program, it has not articulated any coherent strategy to stop further uranium enrichment in Iran, other than asking European allies and Russia to renounce their attempts to save that pact.

Trump must accept the pause in hostilities as an opportunity to begin serious negotiations with the Islamic Republic. That is the course encouraged not only by most Americans, but also by Middle Eastern allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. On Wednesday there were reasons for relief that the US and Iran had avoided falling into a large-scale war. But Trump's manifest lack of clear objectives or strategies, along with his willingness to order troop movements on impulse, is a cause for continuous alarm.

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