Did Donald Trump Take The Middle Finger Out Of Two Astronauts? The Controversial Moment Of The President Of The United States (Video)

Donald Trump returns to star in a controversy. The president of the United States had a strange gesture in the middle of a video call with the leading astronauts of the first spacewalk for women only.

It happened on Friday when Trump talked with the astronauts. The billionaire said it was the first time a woman had left the International Space Station, but he was wrong.

Christina Koch and Jessica Meir made the respective correction, it was actually the first time that two women were together outside the International Space Station.


Then Donald Trump, visibly upset, makes the gesture of fixing his hair, but with the middle finger. It could be a coincidence, but it is not the first time the US president. He has such a gesture.

In the G7 of 2017 he did it when the Prime Minister of Italy spoke.

That same year he also did it when he was criticized for his attack on NFL players protesting during the anthem.



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