Did You Know? These Are The Loves That Completely Marked The Life Of Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has one of the most prestigious voices in the world and is shown every time she goes on stage and shines as only she knows how to do it.

Thanks to his enormous talent, singer He managed to get into people’s hearts and captivated them with his sweet voice. It has innumerable musical successes and remains as valid as from its beginnings. Related News In addition, he is not a figure who likes scandal and prefers to be as reserved as possible with his private life, to the point that only 5 men are known throughout his life.

Those loves were what defined Mariah’s artistic career and changed her life. The first of them was record producer Tommy Mottola, who gave him the first chance to succeed.


Then the romance that the interpreter of “Hero” kept up with Derek Jeter, a famous baseball player. The relationship did not last long and it was rumored that both were together while she was married to Mottola.

In 2008 came the news that the star had married Nick Cannon, a young man ten years younger and with whom he had participated in a recent video clip. Later, in 2014, James Packer was fortunate to be the couple chosen to be part of the life of the famous.

Finally, Mariah Carey revealed her engagement with Bryan Tanaka, a dancer 14 years younger. The truth is that being a mega figure had a fairly quiet life and only five romances, or at least known.