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Did You Spend The Night Together? Carlos Rivera And Juanpa Zurita React To The Rumors

The singer and the influencer decided to put an end to the rumors of the supposed romance between them, but in a very comical way.

A few days ago a rumor circulated that the singer Carlos Rivera and the influencer Juanpa Zurita, who participate in the emission of Who is the mask?, They are dating.

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The rumor started after Juanpa said “One night with Carlos Rivera and his thing hit me”, Internet users immediately began to formulate theories about the supposed romance, but the famous ones did not take long to give an original answer to the speculations

So much Carlos

Like Juanpa, they published on social networks a screenshot of a conversation between them, in which, with the best of humor, they made fun of the notes that had already been generated about their ‘relationship’.

The first to share the capture was Juanpa Zurita and hours later the singer joined the joke by writing “Love of three, it’s a bad relationship.”

The whatsapp conversation had the following dialogue:
-Brother they caught us-
How are you brother!
-You already exhibited us!
-Do you tell them or do I tell them?
– Sooner or later it would be known, they had already been late
-Love always wins
-But you’re from Mario B, I’m not going to break that relationship

Reaction of Juanpa and Carlos was applauded by his followers, who highlighted the humor with which they took the speculations. Regarding the camaraderie that exists between them, in recent days a video was released in which Carlos warns Juanpa Zurita that Cuauhtémoc White he is ex-boyfriend of Galilea Montijo, because the influencer made comments about the soccer player that the host said she did not know.

This is not the first time that the sexuality of the interpreter of “Remember me” has been called into question. A few months ago it was said that between him and the Colombian Maluma There could be more than a friendship and yes, in recent days they presented a duet song called “100 años”, in which the Colombian can be heard singing with mariachi.

Carlos Rivera maintains a relationship with the host and singer Cynthia Rodriguez For several years and on more than one occasion the interpreter has expressed that he is very much in love with her, it has even been speculated that they would be planning to debut as parents very soon.

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