Diego Boneta Is Captured Characterized As Luis Miguel During Recordings

The actor was seen by a television show upon arrival at the recordings of the new season of the series.

A few days ago the recordings of the second season began Luis Miguel, the series, in Mexico City and the cameras of the program Selling they managed to capture the protagonist of the story, Diego Boneta characterized as Sun.


The show program cameras also managed to see other cast members like Camila Sodi and Juanpa Zurita, upon arrival at one of the recording calls.

Camila Sodi wore her blonde hair, a change of look that he had already shared through his Instagram account, to bring Issabela Camil to life (which in the series is called Erika).

Juanpa Zuritawho gives life to Alex Basteri – younger brother of Luis Miguel, was also seen upon his arrival to the call, but avoided giving statements to the TV show Azteca.

Diego Boneta, however, did speak for Selling

and talked a little about the content that can be seen in the new episodes, during the clip presented in the program he was dressed in black and with the characteristic hairstyle that Luis Miguel used a few decades ago.

The young actor said he was very happy to be back in this project of Netflix“I am very happy to be filming it again, which is a series that changed my life and I am happy.”

On the other hand, said ignore yes Luis Miguel He had already had the opportunity to see some scenes of the new season and about the fame and affection he obtained throughout Latin America through his character, the actor commented:

“I love that it is a Mexican project that has done that.”

On February 11, Diego Boneta announced through Instagram the start of the series recordings in Mexico City.