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Diego Dreyfus Has Had Love Affairs With Sarah Kohan, Says Mhoni Vidente

Diego Dreyfus has had love affairs with Sarah Kohan, says Mhoni Vidente | INSTAGRAM

Javier Hernández, better known as “Chicharito” has been under the eye of Internet users, since his wife Sarah Kohan has shared several messages implying that they separated, in addition to the fact that neither of them have shared photographs together.

For this reason, some Internet users have relived the moment in which Mhoni seer mentioned important details and that gave a lot to talk about, stating that this had too much to do with the couple being in the middle of a separation, in which His wife, Sarah Kohan, and his mental coach, Diego Dreyfus, are involved.

And it is that much has been speculated about an alleged infidelity of the Australian model with the life coach of the famous footballer, and even, the paternity of the same has been questioned, considering the possibility that the father of his children Noah and Nala is actually Diego Dreyfus.

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Thus, in search of answers, the famous television seer, Mhoni Vidente could not be left out of the topic, so when questioned about the sentimental situation of the Galaxy player, she replied that Diego Dreyfus has had a love relationship with the wife of “Chicharito” Sarah Kohan, however, assured that the children are the soccer player’s children.

“Yes, I think Diego has had affairs with Chicharito’s wife, but the children are from Chicharito,” the famous astrologer confessed in one of her visions that she shared during one of the enterta inment programs where she mentions her predictions.

But this was not all, because in reality, according to the Cuban seer, the encounters that the Australian model and the Mexican businessman have had would not have been behind the famous athlete’s back, as he believes that they have even participated in a trio.

“But I do think that they have even had threesomes and all that, like there is something, I do not think they separate, I do think they have had those things. It is that Chicharito was a woman in the other life, she has her very feminine side up and down. suddenly with so many men there bathing together, “said the astrologer.

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It is worth mentioning that, a few days after this alleged infidelity was revealed, both Sarah Kohan and “Chicharito” denied the whole matter, and were clearly annoyed at the rumors involving his private life, even the former Real Madrid player thanked him again to Dreyfus for preventing his football career from being over.

Likewise, recently the model felt overwhelmed by so many accusations, both from Internet users and the media, so she decided to say a few words about it: “I would not have to explain anything, but things in the media they got out of control. I’m tired of the messages that point out that Diego is Noah’s father, just because of the color of his eyes. His father is Javier! I was already pregnant with Noah when I met Diego. Noah has eyes the same color as my mother. End of story, stop bothering my family. “

Leaving all that media issue aside, a couple of days ago, the model was intercepted by some television reporters and this is what happened.

In a recognized program of an American network, he revealed an exclusive with the Australian model where she asks that her private life be respected.

“Can you leave me alone? Thank you,” said Kohan, who was questioned as she left a Los Angeles mall, and turned away from the cameras.


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