Diego Luna And Marina De Tavira Will Get Married, Says Mhoni Seer

Diego Luna and Marina de Tavira will get married, says Mhoni seer | Instagram

Yesterday, Mhoni Vidente predicted during the broadcast of "Esoteric Roulette" in the "Hoy" program that Diego Luna and Marina de Tavira are getting married.

Recently Luna and Marina agreed to have a love relationship, which was long suspected by the love situations in which they were captured.


Recently and without penalty, the couple began to show signs of love in public, which is supposed not to do constantly or secretly.

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It should be remembered that Tavira is five years older than Diego, however, this does not seem to bother any of the actors, which is noticeable when they are seen together.

"Diego Luna, who is very much in love with this girl … They are questioning him why he did not walk with a younger artist of 22 or 23 years and that they are almost the same age …" commented the seer during the program .

It is well said "for love there is no age", love can come when one less expects it and it may well be from someone younger, of your same age and even older, it is an unpredictable feeling, since it arrives when it has to arrive without forcing or searching.

"He gets along very well, and this smells like marriage to me soon, I think Diego found the right person in his life to talk about marriage again, and there you will realize that love is it will always give, "Mhoni said.

Mhoni also expressed that love is given in the condition that is even the person that is, man or woman but that they really love each other.

In addition to this news, the esoteric also said that the actor would win an international award next year and even that a woman would win an Oscar next year, good news for Mexico.

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