Diego Luna Applauds # UnDíaSinNosotras And Asks Not To Politicize The Issue

The director and actor also presented the 15th edition of the Ambulante documentary tour, which starts on March 19 in Querétaro.

This March 8 commemorates the International Women’s DayDue to the serious gender violence in the country, several contingents will march on that special date. In addition, on March 9, # UnDíaSinNosotras will be held. The actor Diego Luna He applauded both initiatives and asked that something so important not be taken to dimes and political leaders.


Assured Moon, in brief statements before leaving the Cinépolis Diana, where he announced the 15th edition of the documentary tour Walking. During the press conference, Diego was questioned about the ignorance of the highest federal authority of the movement # A Day Without Us, although the actor preferred to endorse his commitment to avoid politicizing.

“I did have in mind that Monday is unemployment, but let’s talk about what it means, what it is, that is what we have for those who have a microphone, it is up to us to channel the discussion. Hopefully (mega march and the stoppage of activities) be a point of no return and be a part of it, “he said Moon.

The meeting of Diego with the national and international press was to announce the 15th edition of Walking, who was born 16 years ago in a bar, when in a meeting with Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Y Daniela Michel, “two escuincles (own Moon Y Gael Garcia) “they proposed this project to the organizers of the Morelia International Film Festival And it is a success.

“At first it was hard to explain Walking, to say that we were going to go to Oaxaca and not only to eat mole, but we wanted to get the cinema out of the cinema; in this country we need to confront our reality, we are experiencing citizenship and cinema is a tool to do it, “concluded the actor of the documentary tour that starts on March 19 in Querétaro.