Diplomats Express Frustration Over Trump's Policies

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES.- Three years of latent frustration in the State Department are overflowing in the Capitol while a parade of current and former diplomats testifies to their concerns about the unorthodox policy of President Donald Trump's government around Ukraine .

Regardless of the White House objections, diplomats appear before investigators of the political trial process to review Trump's agreements with Ukraine and tell stories of possible irregularities, misconduct and ill-treatment by their superiors.

For Trump and his allies, diplomats are evidence of a "deep state" within the government that has tried to affect his presidency from the beginning.


But for employees of a department demoralized by the government's continued attempts to reduce its budget and staff, cooperation with the investigation is seen as a moment of catharsis and an opportunity to reiterate the foreign policy norms Trump believes he has eluded.

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"It has taken time to understand how strange the policy process has become, but it was inevitable," said Ronald Neumann, president of the American Academy Diplomacy. The group wrote a letter last month in which they asked the government to support diplomats and protect them from politicization.

State Department officials parading through the Capitol include senior diplomats with decades of experience who have worked for Republican and Democratic governments.

Among them is Kurt Volker, who resigned as the special envoy to Ukraine after being named in the complaint of the informant who unleashed the process of political trial.

Other people who have testified privately include Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine who was removed from the post after a campaign coordinated by Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani; Michael McKinley, who resigned after 37 years in foreign service partly because of Yovanovitch's treatment, and Fiona Hill, a National Security Council employee who worked closely with the Ukrainian former ambassador.



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