Disability Film Festival

In Mexico, in 19 out of 100 households there is at least one person with some type of disability. How to raise awareness of your needs and promote a message of inclusion? Cinema could be one of the alternatives. ReelAbilities Film Festival is a film festival that presents films related to different disabilities, from motor skills to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or intellectual disability. The productions included promote inclusion through of characters with different disabilities who try to lead their lives in a world that perhaps has not coexisted with them. The festival opens on March 19 with ‘Tamara y la Catarina’ by Lucía Carreras, a 2016 film. a film starring a woman with mental problems who tries to return to her parents a baby she borrowed. The main role was performed by the actress Ángeles Cruz, with critical praise for her work on this film. The festival’s programming will be from March 19 to 22 at the Lido Cinema of the Rosario Castellanos Bookshop and will include films and short films whose protagonists are people with Down Syndrome, intellectual disability, deafness or cerebral palsy, among others. Other tapes that will be screened are ‘Stand Clear of the Closing Doors’, ‘Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements’, ‘Little World’ and ‘Six points about Emma’. Among the short films are ‘Hale’, ‘Shakespeare in Tokyo’, ‘The Journey of Mary’, ‘Hear This!’, ‘Ian’ and ‘Macropolis’. You may also be interested in: Do ‘Bugs’, ‘Brave’ or ‘The Journey of Arlo’ deserve to be considered minor Pixar films? A laudable ReelAbilities Film Festival project was created in New York in 2007. Its programming and social importance made or that the festival began to take place in different cities in the United States. Founded by social entrepreneur Anita Altman and director Isaac Zablocki, the festival would have pioneered exhibiting a set of disability-related films. By 2012, the festival had already been replicated in other cities in the United States, such as Ohio, Boston and Chicago. It was followed by Canada and, since last year, Mexico.You may also be interested in: Releases and film festivals: all the changes in the world of cinema before the outbreak of coronavirusIt is brought to the Aztec capital by the hand of the Inclúmeme foundation, the which promotes inclusion actions for people with intellectual disabilities in Mexico. Her team is led by its creator, Rita Romanowsky, who is now the director of ReelAbilities Mexico and has a long history of education, speech therapy, inclusion and disability. “Cinema has always been an open door to understand a little more and know the multiple views that life has, and therefore the issue of disability has not been alien in various productions for a long time, “reads the official page of Inclúyeme. And thus, Mexico would be the first country in Latin America in host the festival “with the idea of ​​generating greater awareness regarding people with disabilities in order to eliminate existing barriers and thereby achieve their full inclusion in society on an equal basis with other people,” says his official siteReelAbilities Film Festival México 2020From March 19 to 22 Lido Cinema of the Rosario Castellanos Library of the Economic Culture Fund (FCE) Tamaulipas 202, Condesa Racecourse Free entry @ braham_MV



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