Discover All The News Of The Motorola Razr (+ Photos)

The day has come that all Motorola fans were waiting for, because finally the Chinese firm has presented its first flexible device, which in addition to being inspired by the design of a legend in the world of telephony, is also cheaper than its flexible rivals such as the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X.

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However, and as we saw coming from the leaks, this new Motorola razr has some things that have made us smile, and others that we simply do not understand, Sipse reported.


A unique design
Unlike the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold, the new razr is a device that does not bend sideways, as it is much more similar to a wallet phone than the proposals that Samsung and Huawei have given us.

This has helped the device to be small when folded, so we can easily store it in the pants bag. The problem is that Motorola has taken the inspiration of the RAZR V3 very seriously, and at the bottom we have a huge bump th at is also where we have the fingerprint sensor.

Folded the team has a “simple” screen that will serve to see some notifications, know who is calling us, see the events we have at the moment, know the time or weather and little else, although its most interesting function is to allow to take selfies without having to deploy the device.

Already deployed the new razr has a 6.2-inch screen, and Motorola's new solution with its hinge system has caused the team not to show notable wrinkles as seen in the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold when deployed.

A very expensive mid-range
While the new razr has interesting elements such as its new flexible design proposal, an interesting hinge mechanism, and the return of an iconic family, it also has a “serious” problem, and the price is really high if we consider that its Specifications are basically those of a traditional midrange.

The processor is a 700 Series Snapdragon, we have 6GB of RAM, there is not even a dual camera, the battery is only 2,510mAh and we don't have wireless charging either. And while these elements help make the phone the most affordable flexible phone in the market, many may consider it very expensive for what it offers.

Motorola announced that its cost will be $ 1,499, a price that nobody would pay for a mid-range phone, although on the other hand the iconic design of the razr and its flexible screen that looks great could justify its price, but that will depend on each user .

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