Discover How WhatsApp Is Unlocked With Your Fingerprint

WhatsApp, Facebook's online messaging application, revealed that the fingerprint recognition system to lock and unlock the app on the Android system is already active.

By Miami Daily Redaction

WhatsApp fingerprint recognition can be used on iPhone using Touch ID.


Thanks to this new system the app will have a double level of security, because in addition to unlocking the mobile, now the user must identify themselves to be able to access it, said

Activating it is very simple, you must enter the WhatsApp configuration menu, then look for the options: «account», «privacy» and «Fingerprint lock», explained the company in its portal.

WhatsApp is the online messaging application that leads the world, followed by Facebook Messenger and the Chinese WeChat.

He was born in 2009, then in 2014 Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy it.

But it has been criticized because it is vulnerable and the privacy of users is compromised, with fingerprint recognition system seeks to improve the security of its service.

It should be noted that in the United States on Tuesday Facebook filed a lawsuit against the Israeli technology company NSO Group, for allegedly hacking cell phones and infecting them with its spyware through WhatsApp.

According to Facebook, NSO Group studied the WhatsApp application and created a program that accurately emulates network traffic on the platform, which would have allowed it to transmit a malware that was not detected by its servers.

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