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Senator Lisa Murkowski said she will not prejudge the situation before the process continues. (Photo: Getty Images)

Republican Lisa Murkowski is disturbed by statements by her Senate party leader Mitch McConnell that she will coordinate with the US presidency about the upcoming political trial, NBC News released today.

The media reported that in an interview with KTUU, a local affiliate of that television network, the senator from Alaska said McConnell's comments that she would be involved in full coordination with the White House "have further confused" the trial process politician against President Donald Trump.


A week ago the Chamber of
Representatives formally accused the agent of abuse of power and
obstruction of Congress due to its calls for Ukraine to open
research that could favor him politically, which requires
that the republican ruler be judged in the Senate.

an interview last week with the Fox News television network,
McConnell said Trump will be acquitted, stating that there is ‘zero
chances ’of being replaced from his position, and promised
coordination with the executive mansion and Trump's defense team.

Such comments immediately generated criticism from the
Democratic legislators, because the senators, who will have the
jury paper during that procedure in the Upper House, must
swear impartiality to fulfill such function.

When you listen
that disturbed me, Murkowski said about the pronouncement of
McConnell, whose contradictions with the leader of the Democratic minority in
 the Senate, Charles Schumer, about the operation of the trial
politically, they keep in limbo the details of how that will take place
process against the president.

For me, we have to take a step
 back so as not to be in the hands of the defense, and then I heard what
 leader McConnell had said, I thought that had confused even more
the process, said the senator.

According to NBC News, the
statements by the legislator for Alaska suggest that there is at least one
degree of dissension within the Republican ranks of the Senate while
that body prepares for the third political trial in the history of

Murkowski, a moderate who on previous occasions has
broken with the majority of the game, is considered among the few
Republican senators who could separate from the red force and reach
 vote to remove Trump from office, although his criteria
divergent with McConnell do not necessarily indicate that it will be pronounced
that way.

Unlike some of his colleagues who have
said they are ready to vote and do not need to listen to any
Witness, Murkowski said she won't "prejudge" the situation before
May the process continue.



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