District Titans Defeat Salz In Invivienda

District Titans Defeat Salz In Invivienda

AJ Brahma did a great job as a substitute, letting Titanes del Distritona Cional win Soles de Descente Domingo Este 89-80 during the match in the defeat phase of the Liganacional de Baron Chest (LNB). Roof Simon Orosco.

Brahma scored 22 points and shot 9-12 from the field with a performance that included 8 rebounds. The Titans (10-6) had eight units: 19 units from Jordan Williams, 17 units from Keith Jordan, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals from Richard Bautista.

Waverly Austin added 19 points and 11 rebounds, Herald Suero added 16 points, and Ross Kosmis added 14 points to Sands (7-9).


At any point in the match, Titan wasn’t on the scoreboard.

In the final set, Sands approached 7 (75-82) with Smith’s basket remaining 2:21, but the team led by Joel Feliz resisted and used time as an ally to take Sands’ team. It led to the third vic tory. This year is Julio Cesar Javier.

The victory was the second in the exclusion phase for the Titans trying to secure their position in the semi-final round of the first division circuit.

The Titans shot 48 percent from the field and 17-20 from the free throw line (85 percent). They easily dominated the score from bench 33-18 and lost 16 balls to Sands. Sands was able to shoot 48% from the field, but with a three-pointer it was 5-21 (23%).

Williams’ three-point gave the Titans a 16-7 lead, leaving 5:36 in the first quarter. Sands completed the 9-2 rally and finished within 16-18 with 1:35 remaining, but Randy Bautista hit 3 pointers in the second and final quarter, 25-18 in favor of the visitor. was.

With 5:01 remaining in the second quarter, Jordan Jr. dunked hard with his right hand, giving the Titans a 44-24 lead. The maximum difference after Jose “Tongo” Corporan laid up at 1:24 was 25 (52-27). Randy Bautista scored again in the last second, finishing the first half with 54-33.

Brahma scored 8 and 12 points for Williams and Richard Bautista, respectively, against the Titans, who won 23-0 from the bench in the first 20 minutes. In Sands, Suero scored 11 points and Anuri Castillo scored 9 points.

Sales reacted, reaching within 10 (53-63) with 2:44 remaining, at which point Jose Familia hit two free throws and completed a 13-0 run. Jordan Jr. and Williams took over the Titans attack. The Titans finished 72-58 after three periods.

The Titans quarter ended on 25-18, 29-15, 18-25 and 17-22.

This saturday session

The Puerto Plata Mariners (6-9) will visit the Fabiola Fael Gonzalez Sports Center from Soles (7-9) at 8 pm.

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