Do Not Give More Jealousy! Look At Ricardo Montaner’s Message For Evaluna During His Honeymoon

Ricardo Montaner is one of the classic references of Hispanic music, who has conquered several generations with his romantic songs and his unmistakable voice.

Without a doubt, the singer He has managed to chart a very important artistic career and, after reaping several successes, his songs are still playing on the radio and falling in love with more people. Related News In addition to being a true professional, the artist It has an impressive charisma, which captivates those who listen to it live or through the screen.

Always transparent and very sincere, in the interviews the musician usually tells details of his private life. As we know, he has five children, four boys and a single woman, Evaluna. A few days ago, the famous commented that the young woman would marry Camilo, her boyfriend also a musician, and that one of the most important days of her life was waiting for her . Excited to take the bride to the altar, the artist shared a video on her Instagram account.


“I swear I tried, but I could tell … I tried to keep my composure, not to run away, to make it slower and last longer this unique and unrepeatable moment … you will be happy …”, were Ricardo’s tender words for the young lady.

This time, he again showed his jealousy towards his son-in-law, and was encouraged to comment on a recent Evaluna post. “OMG.
What have I done to deserve this way to wake up so perfect every day? “the girl consulted with a picture of her husband. What nobody expected is that Montaner would write:” Come back now. “It ruined everything!