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Do you have Sarita piñata | Reform

Sarita Sosa already has her piñata and is ready to be beaten.

After the scandal between the children of José José and the repudiation that the public showed in networks towards Sarita for not informing José Joel and Marysol about his father's body, the creators of piñatas took out one inspired by the young woman.


With the look that Sarita used in a television interview, the model is already on sale.

The piñata arrives to get the courage to not know about our Prince of the Song, for Halloween a good Sarita option, almost everyone knows how to love, but few know how to love # CiudadJuárez # piñatafeliz, "the business reported on its Facebook page.4

And it is that as we know well, the creativity of the Mexicans knows no limits, for this reason different artisans take advantage of the fame of the most loved and hated characters by the public.

Piñata by Sarita Sosa, created by a store in Tamaulipas. Reform

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In Mexico, traditional piñatas are made of clay earthenware pots decorated in the form of seven-pointed stars. However, when the piñata is constructed in the form of some character, it is because it is someone extremely popular and meaningful or otherwise controversial.

Any character can be the inspiration to create the traditional paper figures that are part of Mexican folklore.

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Such is the case of the artist "La Rosalía", a Spanish singer who is one of the most listened to at the moment. The interpreter, in addition to having great influence with her songs, has managed to impose a strong tendency specifically among teenage girls.

The Spanish is a benchmark of a well-marked "flamenco" style and in each of its presentations it causes a sensation with its lyrics that have been heard throughout Mexico, so much is its fame that a Tamaulipas state store decided to turn it into a piñata and Many already want her for her birthday.

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Even in social networks, his photographs are already being viralized or accompanied by some funny messages such as: "So that you have a party with height", "Who wants to wing Rosalia for his birthday?" among many other jokes about it.

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This controversial piñata portrays Rosalia in her most recognized pose, which is when she raises her hand when she says "La Rosalia" in the song "With height", dressed in a very close red set, consisting of the top shaped llamas and tights that attach to his pointed boots.