Do You Know How To Activate Incognito Mode In Google Maps?

The multifaceted Google company revealed at the beginning of October that its application to travel Google Maps will feature the navigation function in incognito mode, which will allow users to use the app without leaving traces about its location.

This new feature is now available for Android users and will soon be on iOS devices, according to the information revealed by the company.

To activate in incognito mode and be able to move without leaving traces, the user must update the Google Maps applicati on on their smartphone, to its latest version, 10.26.


After this, you must open the Google Maps application on your phone and click on the profile photo located in the upper right.

After this, the user will see how several functions are deployed and among them you only have to choose “activate incognito navigation mode”.

Likewise, if the user wishes to deactivate such a function, he must only follow the same steps mentioned above and press the option “deactivate incognito navigation mode”.