Do You Like Horror Movies? Guess These Stephen King Movies

( – Stephen King is the author of horror stories par excellence, more than fifty of his works have been taken to the big screen. Only this year we had 4 adaptations based on novels.

His works are based on suspense and unexpected turns, often with children as protagonists or some paranormal event. King has his own museum and is the winner of the National Medal of the Arts, awarded by Barack Obama.

Doctor Sueño is the most recent film that comes to theaters, is based on the sequel to The Shining and premieres this Thursday across the country. Ewan McGregor personifies Danny Torrance, the boy from The Shining, who must deal with traumas, alcoholism and anger problems, all this is added to the fact that he has psychic powers and must help Abra Stone, a girl who is It appears in a vision and is persecuted by paranormal beings.


With the arrival of this film in the country we wanted to pay tribute to his works, we invited him to perform the following trivia and guess which film each image belongs to.

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