Do You Share Your Netflix Account? This Could Be Banned Soon.

Netflix wants more people to hire their service, but a big obstacle to this has been shared accounts.

One of the modern classics is to share the Netflix account with the whole family, friends and even the couple. We have reached the point where it is uncommon for an account to be used only by the person paying it. The problem is that the company does not like this and could soon take action.

Netflix is ​​not happy that you share account


According to information from Complex, the streaming giant touched on this issue in its revenue report for the third quarter of the year. It would have said that "they will take energy measures" to prevent sharing of accounts.

But what could these measures be? We still don't know, although we have some ideas. They could help you with Google Maps, as Spotify will do to make sure your family plans really share with people living in the same house.

Another way would be to register the devices in which the person who pays uses the account or using an IP address. You will surely find a way to achieve it, and this is the best option to grow your number of subscribers. However, it is not good news for users.

The question is, would people hire their own account, or would they simply stop using the platform?