Do You Use Fake Papers? The Consequences Of Working With Purchased Documents | Univision Immigration News

Ending the use of false documents and illegitimate claims to manage immigration benefits are two of the main targets of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the framework of its 'zero tolerance' policy.

In an operation that lasted several days, some 600 federal agents, with the support of local police, arrested 680 workers, most of them from Mexico and Central America. According to the authorities, all of those arrested worked illegally in the country, in all cases they were placed in deportation proceedings, and those who had already received a deportation order were prosecuted to be expelled as soon as possible.

Raid warned


The Mississippi raid was no surprise. Both employers and workers were advised that the federal government had targeted them.

Weeks before “the company sent the employees a letter indicating that there were inconsistencies in the data they provided with the Social Security information,” Luis Espinoza News of the Mississippi Alliance for Immigrant Rights (MIRA) confirmed to Univision News. in the city of Conton, where one of the chicken processing plants raided by federal immigration agents operates.

In July of last year ICE had reported “more than 5,200 I-9 audit notices to companies”. And between July 16 and 20 this year, 2,738 inspections and 32 arrests were made, the agency said.

The Mississippi operation was one of thousands on the list. Given this, lawyers consulted by Univision News warn of the danger of carrying or showing false immigration or identity documents, a criminal offense that can make you lose your rights to stay in the United States.