Do You Want To Mislead Facebook, Amazon, Netflix And Google? The Key Is In This Charger

"A powerful weapon against surveillance capitalism," describes the Spanish artist Martín Nadal, his most recent creation: the FANGo loader, capable of misleading Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (hence his name) making variations in the data that these companies collect about their users. But how do you do it?

Nadal is recognized for creative projects in which he mixes art and technology. His most recent invention is FANGo, apparently a charger, although its purpose goes beyond charging the mobile.

This small device connects to the smartphone while it is charging and begins to scan it randomly. Hidden has a "microcontroller" that browses applications and queries on Google, Amazon and other search engines, they explain from Xataka.


You can, for example, open web pages, browse a map looking for random locations, watch YouTube videos or like Facebook posts. This allows to deceive the data brokers in their capture process with equivocal information about the user, says the artist in his digital site.

In the product description, Nadal explains that FANGo is a way to fight the world's leading technology companies, which generate revenue thanks to advertising and, consequently, to user data.

Although the device does not prevent advertisers from tracking the user, it can confuse them. The result for the advertiser would be data full of noise that does not allow to generate a profile as precise as human interaction.