Doctor Sues Fertility Clinic For $ 5 Million After Learning That He Has At Least 17 Biological Children

A doctor in Oregon sued a fertility clinic because he says the sperm he donated in 1989 was used to father 17 children and not five as agreed.

The $ 5.2 million lawsuit was filed against the Oregon University of Health and Science Hospital (OHSU).

Dr. Bryce Cleary, 50 years old and a native of Corvallis, in the state of Oregon, donated his sperm during his first year as a medical student at OHSU, at the request of the clinic itself, in order to conduct an investigation and Help women with difficulties conceiving.


Cleary offered a press conference with his son James and his biological daughter Allysen Allee, which was conceived from the donation of his sperm, in what has been the first meeting of the three.

The doctor explained that when he made the donation, the clinic had promised that his sperm would not be used in more than five cases and that none of the women would live near Oregon and their identity would remain anonymous.

“I wanted to help people fighting infertility and I had faith that OHSU would act responsibly and keep their promises,” said the plaintiff.

Two of his daughters met online

In May 2018, two women who discovered that they are sisters through the website contacted Cleary.

Cleary sent his own DNA to, so it has been known that his donated sperm was used to father at least 17 children and he believes he may have many more. Almost all were born in Oregon.

The lawsuit also states that at least two of their descendants have attended the same schools as their children born within Cleary’s marriage.