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Doctors Criticize The Weekend’s Lack Of Control

Three days have passed since Spain said goodbye to the state of alarm and doctors are already looking with concern at the situation of “chaos” that has been unleashed after the lifting of this measure, alluding to the “unjustified” crowds left by the end of week in many parts of the country.

This type of behavior, against the basic precautionary measures to avoid Covid-19 infections, makes it necessary “to remember that what has ended are a series of restrictions, but not the pandemic through which we are still passing,” they clarify from the Confederation State of Medical Unions (CESM).

For the union, the images of the first hours after the state of alarm are nothing but “a reflection of the wrong message” that has been launched and the lack of knowledge of the different administrations when it comes to articulating this ‘new normal’. In this sense, they criticize the fact that the limitations of social contact have gone from “badly exercised” absolute freedom, which could jeopardize current stability and suppose a “backward movement towards already known adverse situations.”

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Not only that. These “uncontrolled” situations have been a “hard blow” for health professionals, especially exhausted after more than a year of fighting on the front line against the virus and who see with indignation how all the work done is put at risk.

Measures against uncontrol

“The folly demonstrated by many cannot suppose that this exhausted group already has to make – once again – a labor and emotional overexertion to continue offering the best quality of care to the population,” they criticize from the union, recalling the 112 doctors who have lost his life in this pandemic.

For all this, from CESM they ask the responsible administrations for measures to prevent the situation from getting out of control and having to face a new wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths. In the same way, it calls for good sense from a population that is also tired but that must maintain certain basic precautionary measures so as not to have to return to previous limitations.

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