Dodgers Infielder Justin Turner Was Removed From Game 6 After Testing Positive For COVID-19

All MLB players have been in a “bubble” for the last month with safety protocols.

He has possibly infected his team, the Rays and all of their families that are with them. This is the main concern of many fans asking on social social media

What is the likelihood other Dodgers haven’t been infected


Will the entire team be quarantined 14 days is the question we ask after this game 6 of the MLB World series

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said Turner was “immediately isolated to prevent the spread.”

This news comes minutes after they win the series and many are asking if the administration knew this before the game started and if they did why didn’t they pull Justin Turner off the game so he wouldn’t possibly infect other people

The story of the year would be if the team or the league slow-walked the results to keep the game from being postponed. This could lead to a disqualification of the winner of the MLB World series.

The Dodgers have not officially commented on Turner’s removal from the game or his condition.

Manager Dave Roberts thanked Turner during his postgame speech.

The Los Ángeles Dodgers won against the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6 of the MLB World Series and gave the Dodgers their first title since 1988 and seventh title in all franchise history.


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