Does Maluma And Anuel AA Get Indirect On Instagram? J Balvin Criticizes Singers Who Expose Their Sentimental Life In Social Networks | Colombia | Shows

Colombian singer J Balvin generated controversy on Instagram by sharing a video in which he criticized those who expose their sentimental life too much through social networks.

According to the interpreter of "The song", there are some characters that seem to have a perfect relationship when the reality is completely different.

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"I am one of the few people who share their life as a couple on Instagram, if I have one," he said, at the beginning of the clip.

J Balvin

“The only thing I don't share is that I see too much bad behavior. In their captions they say ‘we are the couple of life, we are forever’, but I have seen with my own eyes what they do, ”he added in his post.

"What's the point of having a fake life on Instagram and not really having a real life?"

J Balvin indicated that everyone should show their human side and not appear to lead a perfect life.

"I have no problem in saying what I see on Instagram in front of the ideal couples and their falsehood (not all), but it seems to me that we must all be real and also show our human side so that they do not give what to talk about," said the Colombian .

To whom did you send this message J Balvin? Some speculated that Maluma and Anuel AA. However, it is known that the interpreter of "My people" has a good relationship with both reggaetoneros.

Who is J Balvin's girlfriend?

Currently, reggaetonero J Balvin maintains a romantic relationship with the Argentine model Valentina Ferrer.

Despite being a media character, the Colombian does not usually expose his sentimental life on social networks.

Valentina Ferrer

J Balvin dedicates message to his girlfriend

On September 19, J Balvin dedicated a romantic birthday message to his girlfriend, the Argentine model Valentina Ferrer, on Instagram.

In his post, the Colombian highlighted how much his partner had achieved and mentioned that he expected them to continue learning together.

J Balvin and Valentina Ferrer