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Does Ricardo Arjona HATE Donald Trump? This Is The Strong SONG That “wrote” Him: VIDEO

Around 1996, singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona premiered his song Si El Norte Fuera El Sur, a single that, like many of his discography, has very peculiar references and metaphors. In this case, the song has a verse in which the Guatemalan says “Long live Wall Street and long live Donald Trump”

But is it really a song that praises Donald Trump? Here we explain what the lyrics are about and if in fact one of the best-known singers in the Spanish language dedicated a beautiful song to Donald Trump.

Here the song:

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The North and its McDonald’s, basketball and rock’n roll, its topless its Madonas and Stallone’s abdomen. Tanning intellectuals, supermarket scholars. They have everything but they have paid nothing,

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At 18 you are a child for a drink in a bar, but you are already a man for war and killing: Long live Vietnam and long live Forrest Gump. Long live Wall Street and long live Donald Trump. Long live the Seven Eleven.

They dust their nose and use a syringe in their pockets, they travel with marijuana to understand the situation. From this judge of the planet who launches an invitation, cut it to your husband and you will gain a reputation.

The stars and stripes take over my flag and our freedom is nothing but a whore. And if the foreign debt stole the spring from us, to hell the geography the borders are over

If the North were the South, it would be the same crap. I would sing a rap and this song would not exist

Does the song speak badly or well of Donald Trump?

If the North Outside the South speaks ill of the former president of the United States and politics because it says: “the stars and stripes take over my flag and our freedom is nothing but a whore. If the foreign debt stole spring from us “.

In addition, Arjona from 1996 made emphasis in the immigration: “to the devil the geography the borders are finished”.

Arjona did NOT want Trump to be PRESIDENT

For 2016, when Donald Trump was about to take over the Presidency of the United States, and during the entire term of the former president, the singer played the song at a concert and changed the lyrics from: “Long live Donald Trump” to “fuck Donald Trump “.

Here’s the evidence:



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