Does Therapeutic Fasting Really Work?  Find Out In The Words Of An Expert

Does Therapeutic Fasting Really Work? Find Out In The Words Of An Expert

Is he healthy? fast? How should it be done? These are just some of the questions that arise when adopting this feeding system. Victim of numerous myths, it is essential to analyze what it consists of.

What does the fast?

“Fasting is a therapeutic tool that activates a physiological process that mobilizes energy reserves accumulated by food, cleanses the body and activates cell regeneration.


This method is ideal for detoxifying and revitalizing the body and activating the natural healing mechanisms of different conditions”, explains Edgar Barrionuevo, nutritionist at the Silvia Giralt antiaging & aesthetic medicine aesthetic clinic.

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What is therapeutic fasting and what are its benefits?

“It is a dietary guideline based on the restriction of intake for a certain period of time, prescribed and supervised by an expert who helps the body to prevent and heal diseases by teaching it to self-supply and regulate itself” says Barrionuevo.

In addition, it also favors digestive rest so that the body carries out metabolic and regeneration processes correctly, contributes to the elimination of waste and thoroughly cleanses the colon, promotes the activation of ketogenesis. Reduces the level of oxidation in the body and increases vitality and improves mood.

How to practice it?

Before introducing any change in diet, it is essential to consult a professional who advises, accompanies and supervises us during the process to avoid damaging the body or suffering from a lack of nutrients.

As the expert explains, “fasting can be done in various ways, with the possibility of doing it intermittently or prolonged.” The first is based on fasting for a number of hours within 24 hours of the day, which can vary from a minimum of 12 hours to a maximum of 24 hours. On the other hand, prolonged fasting eliminates intakes for more than one day. the recommended period being 3 to 6 days.

intermittent fasting

The 12-14 method is the safest to start fasting and do it at home in a simple way, since it allows the body to rest from eating for the necessary hours. To carry it out, the ideal would be to advance dinner as much as possible and delay breakfast, in this way, those 12 hours of fasting are easily achieved.

Once the body and mind get used to these periods of restricted intake, the hours of fasting can be increased until this method is established as a lifestyle.

prolonged fasting

Prolonged fasting is practiced at certain times of the year, from once to purify to 4 to detoxify the body with the change of each season, since after 24 hours of fasting, the body begins the process through which the cells are strengthened through based on their own reserves.

To start this process, it is completely necessary to have a professional who advises regularly, keeps a rigorous control of the state of each person and records their evolution.

During this time, the body is placed under severe caloric restriction in order for the body to activate its self-cleansing and healing abilities. During this time, you will only ingest a shake that provides the necessary daily nutrients and 2 to 3 liters of water. In the event that the fast is extended, the professional will also prescribe certain supplements that ensure your well-being, such as vitamins or minerals.

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