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Dolphins Coach Knew Dead Protester

MIAMI (AP) – Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores was already concerned about the issue of racial injustice. Later, he learned sadly of the death of Chris Beaty, a good friend, shot dead after violence erupted during a protest in Indianapolis.

Beaty, 38, black, owned a business in that city. He had played football with Indiana University and was a teammate to a current Flores assistant.

“This guy was an amazing human being,” Flores said Thursday. “It is a sad thing, just another tragedy that we are dealing with. Hopefully we can learn from this and make the necessary changes so that these things don’t happen again. ”

Flores, of Honduran parents and one of the three black coaches currently in the NFL, has lamented the lack of outrage by “influential people” over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the murders of other African-Americans, that have exacerbated racial tensions in the United States.

The Dolphins strategist said he supports his players’ right to protest on social media or on the streets. However, he stressed the need to be careful.

“The entity is hungry,” said Flores. “People are unemployed. There is a pandemic. And then it turns out that people are also angry. Boys need time to be upset and a platform to show their emotions. “

Flores refused to address the issue of whether it is valid for players to put one knee on the ground during the performance of the National Anthem to protest against police abuse and inequality. Instead of that controversy, he said, the focus should now be on Floyd’s memory and his death, as well as the search for justice in the case and the need to show more courtesy and acceptance.

“I’m a guy who prefers to go step by step,” Flores said. “There has to be a lot of dialogue. The way is long”.

Floyd died on May 25, after his arrest by the police in Minneapolis. Lying on the floor, he begged for his life and said he could not breathe, while an agent pressed his knee against his neck.


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