Dominican Defeats Bolivia 15-0, Knockout No Hit No Run

Logic should have no problem getting the Dominican Republic out of Bolivia by winning 15-0, no hits and no runs on the first day of the women’s softball at XIX Bolivarian Games Valedupal 2022. I did that.

Left-handed Kauris Rincon came to help Eduarda Rocha in the same first episode, throwing 5.0 innings without allowing a hit, hitting 6, and making four transfers to a Bolivian team without this sporting tradition. I gave up.

Rocha was a starter as a pitcher, but soon abandoned three transfers and gave way to Rincon to achieve a feat at the Central Sports Unit in Valedupal, Cesar, northern Colombia.


Excellent pitching

If Bolivia’s pitching was tough, the Dominican attack was devastating. Clary Cerdanya drove in 6 runs and scored 1 goal in 2 at bats with 4 at bats.

Center-fielder and starter Claudia Santana scored 3-4, scoring four times and producing one. Anabel Ulloa walked 2 to 2, stepped on the plate twice and drove once. Samanda Figuro 3-2, 2 runs were recorded and drove on another run. Debutante Melodía Vizcaíno struck an unstoppable base. One each for Alondra Vásquez, Yanela Gómez, Daniel Bautista and Angela Gómez.

They got a stick

Shakira Garcia and Vanessa Polo were Bolivian pitchers punished by Dominican bats.

On this first day of softball at the 2022 Bolivarian Games, Venezuela slightly defeated Guatemala (1-0). Peru also beat Guatemala 7-0.

This Sunday, the 26th, the Dominican Republic will face Panama from 1:30 pm (12:30 pm Valedupal time) in the Dominican Republic.

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