Dominicans Are Seeking Tickets For Beach Volleyball

The Dominica Volleyball Federation (Fedboli) has fired a senior men’s team going to Cuba for a ticket to the World League and a couple of Jubilet Payano and Ginny Lee Rosario who achieved milestones in qualifying last April. For the “Rome 2022” Beach World Cup.

The male representative will go to Havana from June 1st to 6th.

The delegations are Henry Tapia (Captain), Luis David Reynoso, Wilfred Hernandez, Eric Florian, Dawillin Mendes, Henry Lopez, Brian Pepen, Mario Torres, Rafael Almonte, Mason William Matos. , Luke Harrison Ramirez, composed of Luther Rosario players Moisés Alexander Ortiz and Alexis Cruz.


“We will do our utmost to represent the country in a dignified manner,” said Tapia, a 6-foot-3 high star starter with remarkable international experience. rice field.

“This group has 18 weeks of work. We have a very clear goal to keep improving our rankings. We are currently 32nd and will be 27th by the end of the year. “I hope,” declared Alexander Gutierrez at a press conference in the main hall of the Volleyball Development Area Center.

Gutiérrez, backed by Dante Mañón, emphasized the fact that the Creating Olympic Dreams Program (Creso) also welcomes top teams. This will allow you to participate equally with teams that weren’t over at the time.

Manuel Luna met with the delegation last Monday as a show of support from Creso. Dominican international referee Yeimi Hernández Sandoval is also part of the delegation.

Beach world cup

On their side, Payano and Rosario depart for the Beach Volleyball World Championship on the seventh day. The championship will be held in Rome from June 7th to 20th.

“We want to highlight the happiness that the beach volleyball national team program feels when it’s the first time the team has entered the World Cup with this exciting modality,” said Amos Angrada, vice president of Fedboli. ..

Anglada, who directs the program, explained that the Payano-Rosario pair won the bronze medal in the qualifying round on April 16th and 17th at Macau Beach in Alta Gracia.

Alexis García, President of Fedovoli, said they would make the effort and sacrifice they had to make to attend all the upcoming international events.

“We will attend beach volleyball calendar events for all men and women, with or without public support,” he emphasized.

He said the same thing happened with the typical Sub 19, Sub 21, and Sub 23, and the days when the country didn’t play in many tournaments due to lack of resources are gone.

Alejandro Mas said the Dominican duo are ranked 45th in the world rankings, but that doesn’t limit their aspirations.

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