Donald Trump: "A Great Trade Agreement With China Is Very Close"

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured that the North American country is "very close" to reach a "great" trade agreement with China, which could end the trade war that both blocks have maintained for a year and a half.

"We are very close to closing a great Chinese agreement. They want and we do too," said the White House tenant in a message posted on his Twitter social network account.

The negotiators of the United States and China have finished defining the terms of the trade agreement between the two blocs, so it is only necessary that the president of the American country, Donald Trump, gave his approval to the deal, as reported by 'Bloomberg' citing a source close to the negotiations.


Several weeks ago, Trump himself said that Washington was in the "final stretch" of an agreement aimed at deactivating a 16-month trade war with China, a few days after Chinese President Xi Jinping also expressed his wish. of reaching a commercial pact.

The negotiations between both blocks are under pressure because this Sunday, December 15, an increase in tariffs will be applied on certain Chinese imports, such as mobile phones or laptops, valued at 160,000 million dollars (143,872 million euros).

This increase was already delayed in August with the aim of not affecting the supply of merchandise by retail stores for the Christmas campaign.



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