Donald Trump, About The Fall Of The Ukrainian Plane: “Someone Could Have Made a Mistake And It Wasn't Us”

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, said Thursday that he has "suspicions" about the accident of a Ukrainian plane outside Tehran, which according to US media, citing government officials, Iran shot down by mistake.

“It's a tragic situation as I interpret it. It's tragic, ”Trump lamented about the plane crash that left 176 people dead last Tuesday.

In addition, the US president expressed his hope that the Iranian authorities will deliver the black boxes to Boeing to France or some other country to clarify the causes of the accident.


This missile defense system could have impacted the Ukraine International Airlines ship, as confirmed to US publications to three sources before reaching that conclusion. A Pentagon informant and an intelligence superior trusted that the Boeing 737-800 stopped transmitting moments after taking off from Khomeini International Airport, minutes after the Iranian attack on US bases in Iraqi territory.

According to his analysis, the Iranian anti-air system was still active in sensitive areas of the country, fearing some kind of instant retaliation by United States forces. The counterattack never occurred, but the regime's defensive bases remained alert. Intelligence officials believe that what struck the 752 flight was a Tor-M1 land-to-air missile built in Russia, known by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as Gauntlet. Different images began circulating on Wednesday after the very serious incident of what appeared to be fragments of a Tor M-1.

"Similar marks were visible on the remains of MH17," CNN reporter Jim Sciutto said, referring to the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down on July 17, 2014 over the eastern part of Ukraine by a land-to-air missile designed by Russia.

Iran, on the other hand, ruled out Thursday that a missile attack was the cause of a Ukrainian passenger plane accident and claimed that the theory "makes no sense."

Meanwhile, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Sergiy Kyslytsya, requested the UN Security Council on Thursday “unconditional support” of the agency for its experts in charge of the investigation.

"176 innocent lives have been lost," he said at a meeting on compliance with the Charter of the United Nations. “The circumstances of this catastrophe are not yet clear. Now it is up to experts to investigate and find answers to the question of what caused the accident. To do this, our experts must receive unconditional support for their research, ”he said.

On Tuesday, when tensions between the United States and Iran reached a peak due to an air strike ordered by the Iranian Guard over US military positions in Iraq, the news of the plane's fall and the versions about the demolition of Iran were announced. They began to multiply.

Just a few hours earlier, the United States had ordered, through the US Federal Aircraft Administration (FAA), the ban on non-military US aircraft operations “in the airspace over Iraq, Iran and the United States. waters of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman ”. “The FAA will continue to monitor events in the Middle East. We continue to coordinate with our national security partners and share information with US air carriers and foreign civil aviation authorities, ”the statement said.



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