Donald Trump: "Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Died Like a Coward, Trying To Flee Through a Tunnel"

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, confirmed the death of the leader of the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS), Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. "He died like a coward, trying to flee through a tunnel," he said.

“The US special forces were incredible. The tests on the remains of Al Baghdadi positively confirmed that it was him, ”he continued.

He later explained that the terrorist committed suicide with an explosive vest once he was surrounded by US special forces and revealed that Al Baghdadi had been guarded for weeks. The US president thanked Russia, Turkey and Iraq for their collaboration in the operation: "It was a great night for the United States and the world," he continued.


“The United States last night made the terrorist number dead. This is the founder of ISIS, the most brutal and violent terrorist organization. The US has been looking for it for many years. There were no military losses in the operation but many of his companions died, ”he continued.

And he added: “It happened in a tunnel. The children were taken out and those who stayed were Al Baghdadi and three of his children, when the vest was detonated. His body was mutilated by the explosion but the evidence gave us the positive and immediate certainty that it was him. ”

Trump said the terrorist lived "his last moments in total panic" and that the special forces were in the complex for about two hours. He also said that it was possible to "collect highly sensitive material" about future ISIS plans.

“Its end demonstrates the relentless search of the US for terrorists. We seek the loss and elimination of ISIS, ”he added.

Then he recalled the death of Bin Laden's son and stressed: “We eliminated his caliphate 100%. Today's events remind us that we have to persecute ISIS terrorists until the end. Al Baghdadi and the losers who were with him were totally cornered. ”

Finally, he thanked Russia, Turkey and Iraq for their collaboration in what he defined as a "very dangerous mission." He also thanked the men of the American force and, elated, said: "The world is now a much safer place."

The leader of the jihadist group died during a US military attack in Syria. An inhabitant of Barisha, in Syria, where the terrorist chief was hiding, recorded in the distance part of the US operation. In the images you can see two bulbs of fire and they would be from the moment after Baghdadi's death, when SEAL forces destroyed the house with explosives.

As indicated on Sunday by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), which has an extensive network of informants on the ground, US commands were left by helicopters in the province of Idlib (Syrian northwest), in an area where there were “groups close to ISIS. " The operation was aimed at senior leaders of the Islamic State, "said the NGO, which places it near the town of Barisha (Idlib).

The airstrikes launched against the jihadists left nine dead in Idlib. Eight helicopters fired at a house and a car outside Barisha, he said. An inhabitant contacted by the AFP agency in the area said he had heard helicopters and then aircraft attacks a few minutes after midnight.

"The planes were flying at a very low height, causing great panic among people," said Ahmed al Hassaui, a displaced person installed in one of the informal camps near Barisha. According to him, "the operation lasted at least until 03:30 in the morning" on Sunday. "There is a destroyed house, tents and a damaged civil vehicle with two dead inside," said Abdelhamid, another inhabitant of Barisha.



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