Donald Trump Accuses Benjamin Netanyahu Of Disloyalty For “coming First” Who Congratulated Biden

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP / Getty Images

Former United States President Donald Trump harshly criticized former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom he accuses of disloyalty after having maintained a long political and ideological alliance, revealed an Israeli journalist to whom he gave two interviews between last April and July.


“The first one to congratulate” the current US President, Joe Biden, on his election victory in November 2020 “was Bibi Netanyahu, the man I did more for than anyone else I dealt with”, “fuck it”, said Trump, who confessed that he has not spoken with the former Israeli head of government since then.

Netanyahu “could have kept quiet”, but “made a terrible mistake,” alleged the former US president in interviews with Israeli reporter Barak Ravid, who advanced part of the content of his new book on Trump’s legacy in Israel and the Middle East that will present this Sunday.

“I liked Bibi (support for Netanyahu), I still like him, but I also like loyalty,” argues Trump, who considers that Netanyahu was not faithful enough when, twelve hours after the announcement of the electoral result in the United States. , posted a video of himself personally congratulating Biden on his triumph.

‘Fake news’?

Although Trump claims that the former Israeli leader was the first to congratulate Biden, Netanyahu – the current opposition leader after losing power this summer – took longer than most international leaders to express their congratulations to the Democrat.

This also earned him criticism in Israel: many considered that Netanyahu’s slowness was another example of how his government was too anchored with republicanism and had damaged Israel’s role as an ally of the United States beyond partisan struggles.

During his term (2017-2021), Trump forged a close political and ideological harmony with Netanyahu and dared to break historical consensus on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in favor of positions typical of the Israeli right.

In interviews with Ravid, Trump even claims that some steps he took served to electorally benefit Netanyahu. Among others, he mentions his recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights from Syria, which he did “just before” the Israeli general elections in April 2019.

Netanyahu “would have lost the elections if it weren’t for me,” says Trump, who during his time in power also recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and moved the US Embassy there.

This generated great unrest among the Palestinian leadership, which claims the eastern part of the Holy City – under Israeli occupation and annexation – as the capital of its future state.

The Trump Administration also gave the green light to the Israeli annexation of the occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank, and sponsored the so-called Abraham Accords, with which Israel normalized relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

In turn, it withdrew the US from the nuclear pact with Iran, after years of pressure against the deal from Israel. According to Trump, if he had not renounced the nuclear deal with Tehran, “perhaps Israel would have already been destroyed by now.”

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