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Data on the work of the Congress refute the president's remarks. (Photo: PL)

The American president, Donald Trump, continually accuses the Democrats of the House of Representatives of legislative inactivity, but data on the work of Congress today refute the president's accusations.

For months, the head of the White House has lashed out against members of the blue force, who are a majority in the lower house, for allegedly “doing nothing in Congress,” adding that they are only focused on the investigation of political trial. on the controversial dealings of the ruler with Ukraine.


Democrats, who are not born at all, should focus on building
our country, not wasting everyone's time and energy on nonsense, which is
what they have been doing since I was overwhelmingly elected in 2016,
he wrote on Twitter in early October, shortly after the start that

Since then he has returned several times on the same, and last Sunday
reiterated that members of the blue force are not adopting legislation

However, the Vox digital portal said that instead of blaming its political rivals, the Republican president should turn his attention to the members of his own Senate party.

According to that medium, the Democrats in the Lower House have been
passing bills at full speed, and until November 15,
That body had endorsed almost 400, not including resolutions.

But the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee
Representatives estimate that 80 percent of those projects found
obstacles in the Senate, where the leader of the Republican majority, Mitch
McConnell, gave priority to the confirmation of judges over

Thus, only 70 projects received the green light in both
cameras to become law so far in 2019, and although the
current legislature still more than 12 months ahead, their figures must be
far below compared to the previous sessions of Congress, when
300 to 500 initiatives were approved in two years.

According to Vox, this scenario has led Democrats in the Lower House to
denounce what they call the McConnell legislative cemetery, a nickname that the
Senate leader has proudly adopted.

McConnell calls himself "the angel of death" of laws
Democrats that he considers socialist, but many of the bills
that never reach the full Senate are bipartisan issues, the publication said.

Among the legislative initiatives that the Republican leader has not allowed
pass to the consideration of the upper house include a bill of
background check on firearms purchases, one over the
net neutrality and other about the reauthorization of the Violence Law
Against women

“We have passed legislation to increase wages, protect and expand
health coverage, and reduce the prices of prescription drugs.
We continue to urge Senator McConnell to accept our projects,
many of which are bipartisan, ”said the leader of the
majority in the lower house, Steny Hoyer.

An opinion article released this week in The Hill publication
he described as insidious the accusation of Trump and the Republicans that the
Democrats focus only on inquiry about the president and ignore the
Other topics

“This is a smear tactic to make the
Americans believe that Democrats are evading their duty towards
people who chose them, ”said the text.

Meanwhile, the progressive representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said
after one of the attacks of the ruler that in his first 11 months in the
Congress she co-sponsored 339 bills and drafted 15, while Trump
What he has done is imprison children and make corruption a famous cause.

To say Vox, since the Upper House could soon be wrapped in a
political trial if Baja approves accusation articles against the
President, the remaining weeks of 2019 could be the final opportunity for
That senators advance legislation.

However, there are no signs that the Senate Republican leaders
They will seize that opportunity, the media warned.



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