Donald Trump Already Danced The Calm

Donald Trump is not resigned to leaving the White House, his ego hurt, greater than the number of his compatriots infected by Covid-19 – almost 22 million – he has resorted to illegality to retain power. By denying the result of the presidential election last November, the orange tycoon contradicts the democracy that his country has used as a pretext to become the police of the world.

The illegality occurred when, in his self-centered desperation, Trump, over the phone, asked Georgia’s Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger, to seek the votes that were necessary to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in that state.

Last Sunday the Washington Post published a summary of the recording that Raffensperger himself made of his conversation with an exasperated Trump, ready to do anything to get his way. (And yes he is going to get away with it –Melania– but from the White House).


In the unkind talk with Brad Raffensperger, the highest electoral authority in Georgia, Trump pleaded and faced with the refusal of the official with a difficult pronunciation surname, the tycoon, who has already entered the latter part of his term, threatened to charge him with charges. criminals and warned him that by not accepting their requests he was running a great risk.

Trump and his white supremacist allies sought to suppress the rights of millions who voted for Biden; and they have spread the false and risky version that the vote to elect the president has not ended and that Trump is defending the American people from a conspiracy of Democrats who conspire with Cuban and Venezuelan socialists and communists.

Insane, it is the qualifier that defines the New York businessman who with his attitude and the spread of false news, shows that he has no love or respect for his country, or its people. His arrogance – the self-esteem of assholes – and his stubborn desire to cling to command – two weeks after he legally has to leave – can do great harm to the United States.

Proof of the above is what happened today – Wednesday – in Washington, where Trump supporters confronted the police while trying to enter the Capitol when Congress was in session to count the Electoral College votes and ratify Joe Biden as the next president. . Police had to fire tear gas to prevent unsympathetic Trump supporters from entering the compound. Which they achieved by causing the death of a woman. The congressmen were evacuated and later returned to fulfill their task.

In view of the events, the mayor of Washington decreed a curfew that began at six in the afternoon on Wednesday. If what is happening in the United States were to happen in any developing country, the US political, military and economic high command would already be preparing an invasion in the name of democracy.

At the last minute I find out that Donald Trump made, through Twitter, a call to keep the peace and stop the riots. Is this a sign that, at last, he accepted his defeat? Hopefully.

Kings memes

-Boy, did you know that the Three Wise Men are your parents? -Ah bastard … All three? -Compadre, what came out in the thread?


I am grateful to Don Francisco Toscano for reading my columns and the epigrams he sent me, of which I transcribe one: “I ask the Holy Kings not to forget me. I asked them not to put the vaccines on the grid and bring the Preciso presidencial mask; that the very tired Gatinflas, salvation of so many people, take another vacation but they are permanent.

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