Donald Trump And Herbert Hoover

November is just around the corner. Who will “pay” in the electoral field for the projected 130,000 deaths, for the millions of unemployed and for the closure of thousands of companies caused by the “Covid-19”? I think President Donald Trump. The bill will be passed to him, even if he is not to blame for the damn “Chinese virus.” It is already known that voters, roughly speaking, vote with the memory of the previous period.

Let’s see.

March 4, 1929 was a bright day. Herbert Hoover, the Secretary of Commerce of Calvin Coolidge, assumed the presidency of the United States in the already first nation of the planet. He had defeated Democrat Al Smith, Governor of New York, in a forceful way. He won 58% of the popular vote compared to 40% of the Democrats, and he won in 40 of the 48 states that the nation had then. In his acceptance speech, he said that in the near future poverty would be abolished in the United States.


I had reason to think so. They were the roaring twenties. A time of experimentation and debauchery. To Hoover, as they usually say in Spain, “it fit the State in the head”. He knew what to do and how to do it. He was a Stanford-graduated geological engineer, endowed with the reformist instincts of the great bureaucrats. To know, he knew even Chinese (Mandarin), learned in the late nineteenth century as an adviser to the Asian emperor on mining issues. The nation had nearly a decade of sustained growth as a result of the post-war period, and he was a tireless organizer and honest man.

Could not. None of that worked for him. The country fell apart six months after taking office. In October 1929 the stock market crash occurred. That was the starting point of the Great Depression. There are a hundred explanations for that terrible episode. A bank run followed. Thousands of companies went bankrupt and unemployment gradually multiplied to 25% of the workforce.

From that moment on, he did not know what to do. He tried Keynesian remedies to increase public spending to increase demand. It was not successful. He also experimented with the formulas of economic protectionism. In 1930, he signed the Smoot-Hawley Act, which imposed high taxes on imports of foreign agricultural products and manufactures. Nor did it work. It was counterproductive. It started an international tariff war. It was the “skinny cow” cycle, as the Bible says, and it is not easy at all to face these periods.

They liquidated him in the 1932 elections. F.D. Roosevelt beat him for “landslide.” It was an avalanche of votes in favor of the Democrats. The results of four years earlier were reversed. Democrats triumphed in 42 of the 48 states. They seized the two cameras. For twenty years they were in charge of the presidency until, in 1952, Dwight Eisenhower won, a competent and icy cabinet general who had been in command of the American armies during World War II.

The two big parties tried to recruit him. The republicans managed to seduce him. The message was simple: “Make peace in Korea. No bombing China, as General Douglas MacArthur had recommended. No more wars. Clandestine interventions in other countries, yes. But that’s what the CIA was created for. ” Americans were largely isolationists. Especially Republicans.

Even though elections are just around the corner, Joe Biden is 77 years old and should not trust that Americans will hopelessly vote against Trump. This is a formidable competitor who will do, say and “tweet” whatever it takes to get reelected. To some extent, it will depend on the vice Biden chooses. (He already promised to be a woman). It will have to be someone who is ready to be president if he becomes disabled, dies in the White House, or does not aspire to a second term.

Fortunately, she has three exceptional women: Stacey Abrams, a Yale-graduated attorney, and successful novelist, who nearly won the governorship in Georgia, and Senators Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) and Kamala Harris (California), both also brilliant attorneys. and graduates of magnificent universities: Chicago and California. Stacey is black. Kamala is mixed. Amy is white. Biden has a choice.



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