Donald Trump And His Tangles Abroad

Foreign policy could very well become the “Achilles heel” of President Donald Trump, judging by what a specialized media defined as the “jet of revelations” that accompanies the investigation of the Lower House on possible excesses and improper behavior in detriment of American interests.

Ukraine is at the center of concerns. The call that President Trump made to the newly elected president of that country Volomir Zelezny, and his apparent offer to help him financially in exchange for an investigation into the employment of Hunter Biden, son of former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has been seen complicated by the decision to withdraw American soldiers who from the Syrian border with Turkey helped both to eliminate remnants of the "Caliphate" created by the Islamic State (ISIS) and to avoid friction between its Kurdish and Turkish allies, who are enemies Traditional

The departure of US forces was already described as a shameful betrayal of the Kurds, led to a Turkish invasion with the intention of creating a security zone between the Kurds and their territory, as the Kurds sought protection and alliance with the government of Bashir Al Assad, ally of Russia.


The combination of problems and the obvious set of electoral motives that caused Trump's decisions and the actions of his collaborators, have in turn led to an increasingly evident discontent among specialists, security agencies and the US foreign policy apparatus .

This situation has led to more and more revelations about the actions of Trump and his relatives, especially those more focused on electoral politics than on the government of the main world power.

According to statements by Fiona Hill, who until recently was director of Europe and Russia in the National Security Council, even “hawks” like John Bolton felt worried about the way some of Donald Trump's relatives, such as the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, got involved in deals with other countries.

The translation is that President Trump and a good part of his team seek a foreign policy for the benefit of their interests, regardless of whether or not it is convenient for the United States.

The notion seamlessly blends with the image of a president who is considered at least benefited and perhaps even involved in Russian computer interference in the 2016 elections.

But although Trump's accusations of foreign policy failures are, or may be, a powerful political argument that will surely resonate in the 2020 presidential campaign, international issues are not the main concern of Americans unless they have an immediate impact and Direct in their social and economic well-being.


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