Donald Trump And Michael Bloomberg Spend $ 10 Million In Advertising For The Super Bowl

Trumo campaign officials said the commercial will promote the re-election of the now president in the November 2020 elections. The announcement is expected to be published in the first part of Super Bowl 54, which will take place on February 2 in the city of Miami.

“We have been in conversations with Fox – a chain that will broadcast the event – since the fall and we reserve time in December. We paid the ad last week. We bought 60 seconds of time, ”said a senior campaign official.

After learning about the plans of the current president of the United States, Michael Bloomberg also decided to issue an announcement during the football game that, last year alone, attracted almost 100 million spectators.


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Bloomberg's assistants did not say how much the commercial had cost, but Fox executives mentioned that a 30-second ad would cost five million dollars, which means they will invest the same as their political opponent.



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