Donald Trump And The Head Of The US Unions Face The Approval Of The T-MEC

President Donald Trump and the president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO for its acronym in English), Richard Trumka, met on Friday in connection with the vote on the Treaty between Mexico, United States and Canada (T-MEC).

Trump said he does not believe that Democratic lawmakers approve the T-MEC, arguing that House of Representatives president Nancy Pelosi was too committed to union interests.

"Richard Trumka has her mortified," Trump said in a telephone interview with Fox News. "She will not approve the T-MEC," he added.


Trump also said that the president of AFL-CIO "has mortified (Pelosi)" and "plays it like a violin."

When asked on the eve, at the weekly conference he offers in Washington, regarding whether he needed to reach an agreement with Robert Lighthizer, commercial representative of the White House, this week to get to vote for the T-MEC in the House in December, Pelosi replied: “I am not even sure if we will reach an agreement today; that this would be enough time to finish. ”

But after his departure from a later encounter with Lighthizer, Pelosi indicated that progress was made. “We had progress. I think we are reducing our differences, ”he said.

"My prediction is that she won't," Trump concluded this Friday.

Also this Friday, in response to Trump in a series of tweets, Trumka said that "the notion that anyone could play (to Pelosi) like a violin is ridiculous."

The leader of AFL-CIO, a federation of unions that collectively represents 12.5 million people, added that Pelosi "wants the same as us: an enforceable agreement that really works for workers."

“As I said for months, if the new NAFTA benefits the workers, we would support it. It's just not there yet, ”said Trumka in one of the tweets.

Since June, House Democrats have worked with the USTR to address key concerns in four areas: ensuring compliance with labor legislation; strengthen environmental protection rules; strengthen the rights of workers, and reduce the period of exclusivity for patent data on biological medicines.

Why is @realdonaldtrump so resistant to making this deal enforceable? Working people want a new NAFTA that works for Main Street and not just Wall Street.

– Richard Trumka (@RichardTrumka)
November 22, 2019



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