Donald Trump And The Scandals Of His Government: From The Wall To Impeachment

Since Donald Trump became president of the United States in 2016, he is facing a series of scandals that have impacted his policy.

Trump and his affair with a porn actress

One of the most talked about controversies before and during the first months at the head of the White House was when the porn actress known as Stormy Daniels said she had a relationship with the president.


Trump always denied it, however his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, ended up admitting he paid $ 130,000 for the silence Daniels.

The adult film actress filed a lawsuit in March 2018, to nullify the confidentiality pact, arguing that President Trump did not sign it, but his lawyer did.

Trump and the secret of his taxes

Other scandals that have accompanied the president during his administration is about his taxes that nobody knows.

The president has never presented his financial statements, contravening a political tradition in which candidates for public office must report on their assets and, of course, their income, which has led to verbal confrontation with Democrats and some Republicans.

Finally, a federal judge in New York dismissed the president's efforts to block access to his personal and corporate tax returns, saying that the presidents in office are not immune to criminal investigations, so the numbers will soon be made public.

Trump-Russia: Unproven 'interference'

Another of the scandals in the White House was the Russian plot, that alleged interference by Russia in the 2016 presidential elections and that apparently brought Trump to power.

US intelligence agencies believe that Moscow influenced the vote in favor of also tycoon.

After almost two years of investigation, special prosecutor Robert Mueller delivered a confidential report with his conclusions, although the content, which the president always called "witch hunts", is confidential and is not public knowledge.

The longed for border wall

The chief executive has been characterized by his excessive speeches against migrants and his long-awaited construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. To this is added the threat of drastically reducing aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, for not doing, according to him, what is necessary to prevent the departure of migrants to the United States.

The impeachment to Donald Trump

But, without a doubt, the biggest threat he faces is the so-called impeachment, this, after the House of Representatives approved the political trial against him.

The scandal resulted after a telephone conversation that took place between Trump and the president of Ukraine Volodimir Zelenski, on July 25.

During the dialogue, it was alleged that the US president forced his peer to investigate Joe Biden and pressure him with the 250 million dollars that the US Congress had approved to go to Ukraine and whose shipment was delayed until mid-September.

Trump becomes the third executive in US history judged in Congress, after Andrew Johnson (1868) and Bill Clinton (1998). In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned before the vote in the House.

The Trump is very likely to be acquitted during the Senate political trial in January.

In the Upper House, where Republicans have 53 of the 100 seats, Democrats must convince 20 senators from the ruling party to vote in favor of one of the two charges against Trump. The task is almost impossible, given the deep division between both political formations.

Now Trump seeks to turn the process against him into an element that hits his bases and gives him a boost for his re-election that is scheduled for November 3.




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