Donald Trump And The Segregation Of The Palestinians – Télam

Goodbye to the dream of the Palestinian State? There is no doubt that as long as Donald Trump is president, this measure cannot be put into practice, following the decision of the US president to recognize Israeli settlements in the West Bank as legal.

Clearly, Trump has taken sides for Israel. But what will the next presidents of the United States do with the solution of the "two States", which support more than a hundred countries, including the Vatican.


"The US continues to exploit its role as an objective mediator," Alam Kacowicz, a professor in the Department of International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told Télam.

For this analyst, who is the author of the book "Peace Zones in the Third World", among other works, "the US attitude does not help at all to return to negotiations on the possibility of the 'two States'".

Earlier, the head of the White House had moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to East Jerusalem, violating the provisions of the United Nations for being a disputed territory, and recognized as Israelis to the Golan Heights, conquered to Syria in the War of the Six Days in 1967.



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