Donald Trump And The "stab" In The Back To The Kurds

If Donald Trump believed that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria would serve to pacify that troubled region, the Turkish raid on the Kurdish militias, once allied to the United States, highlights that Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not respect Washington's advice.

What some Republicans consider as a betrayal of the Kurds, after five years of military alliance, will probably cause a new wave of millions of refugees (more than 100,000 people have fled, according to the UN), in addition to destabilizing the entire Middle East area .

The Kurds were vital in defeating the fundamentalists of the Islamic State (IS). That is why Trump's radical turn of abandonment brought him some criticism from Republicans themselves and also from Democrats.


Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said that a precipitous US withdrawal from that area only benefits Russia, Iran and the IS, many of whose combatants are in Kurdish prisons.

Criticisms occur when the New York magnate faces a request for investigation for an eventual political trial, following alleged pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate Vice President Joe Biden, his possible rival in the November 2020 elections.

Everything seems to indicate that the objective of the government of the Turkish president, Racep Tayyip Erdogan, is to take control of a 30-kilometer strip south of the border of that country to expel the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS), integrated by the Kurdish militia and a group of Arabs, twinned with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) of Turkey.

"Trump's decision responds to the fact that, unfortunately, the US president wants to withdraw from the Middle East, without safeguarding the political support he has had in all these years," former Argentine ambassador to Turkey (2001-2009), Sebastian Brugo Marcó, told Télam.

"I do not rule out that Erdogan wants to annex some part of Syria. A seat belt 30 kilometers wide is a lot: it is the occupation of a foreign territory. Erdogan wants to put a million Arabs where the Kurds live. That produces an absolute imbalance. in the demography of Syria. Let's see how far Syria leaves it, a country that depends on (Vladimir) Putin, "he said.

In recent years, Ankara received more than three million Syrian refugees, with the premise of blocking their entry into Europe in exchange for money.

The Kurds also control an autonomous region of northern Iraq, where they helped Americans defeat Saddam Hussein.

The so-called Kurdistan also covers areas of Turkey, Iran and Syria, and a small enclave in Armenia.

The losses have been unbalanced: 11,000 Kurdish militiamen died, while the Americans lost only six men, the British newspaper The Guardian reported.

After the Turkish offensive, the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad, without recognizing the Kurdish autonomy east of the Euphrates River, said the offensive violates the territorial integrity of that country. The civil war in Syria has left some 370,000 dead and millions of refugees.

Perhaps when Trump realizes that Turkey went beyond what he had agreed, it will surely be too late to "destroy" his economy as the tycoon had promised.

As expected, Trump has already begun to complain: he noted that Turkey, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, launched an operation against Kurds in Syria that does not have their consent.

More friend of Putin than of Trump, the Turkish president seems to be a man who knows what he does, although in Ankara he is questioned for persecuting journalists, since Turkish justice cites declaring editors of opposing newspapers and monitors social networks.

With his decision to turn his back on the Kurds, the US president has once demonstrated his pragmatism, one of his favorite political weapons.

"I think Trump wants 'More America'. That is his game. That is: subtracting external resources to strengthen his internal project. In other words, more protectionism in a context in which at the domestic level he is beset by the possibility of a political trial. "a diplomatic source told Télam.



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