Donald Trump Announced That He Will Restore Steel And Aluminum Tariffs In Brazil And Argentina For The Devaluation Of His Currencies

Steel and aluminum exports from Brazil and Argentina to the United States will be taxed again with tariffs. This was announced by Donald Trump on Monday, in two messages written on the social network Twitter.

There he argued that devaluations of the Brazilian real and the Argentine peso affect the interests of American farmers.

As he wrote, Brazil and Argentina have been "massively" devaluing their currencies, so they took the measure with "immediate" entry into force.


In addition, he urged the Federal Reserve to act so that the economies of other countries "no longer take advantage of the strong dollar," since "this makes it very difficult for our manufacturers and farmers to export their products fairly."

According to Trump in another message, the New York Stock Exchange has risen 21% since it imposed tariffs, and said that part of the money put in is destined for farmers who are affected by the trade war.

To achieve the exclusion of this measure, the government of Mauricio Macri had argued that its imports represent only 0.6% of US totals and among the countries of origin of steel imports it occupies the 26th position. The case is more harmful for Brazil, which at 2018 data represented 13% of North American steel imports.

The United States imports 20 million tons per year, for 24,000 million dollars, which makes it the largest buyer in the world, according to data from the German Ministry of Economy.



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