Donald Trump Announced The Lifting Of Sanctions Against Turkey And The Permanent Ceasefire In Syria

US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that Turkey has committed to a "permanent ceasefire" in Syria, and raised as a result "all the sanctions" that the United States had imposed this month on the Turkish government for its offensive in the neighboring country.

"This morning, the Government of Turkey informed my Administration that they are going to stop the fighting and make the ceasefire permanent," Trump said during a statement to the press from the White House.

As a result, Trump ordered the lifting of the sanctions he imposed on October 14 against three ministers of the Turkish President's Executive, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in retaliation for the military offensive.


“The sanctions will be lifted unless something happens that we are not happy with … We reserve the right to reimpose debilitating sanctions, including more tariffs on steel and other Turkish products, ”Trump said.

The Treasury later confirmed that it had effectively lifted the sanctions that weighed on the Turkish National Defense and Energy ministries and those that affected the assets and prevented the entry into the US of the National Defense Ministers, Hulusi Akar, the Interior Minister, Suleyman Soylu , and Energy, Fatih Donmez.

Trump said Turkey's commitment to a definitive ceasefire "is a result created by the United States, and not by any other nation," in a clear reference to Russia, which on Tuesday reached an agreement with Turkey to create an area of security in northern Syria.

"Other nations have decided to help, and we believe that is very good," said Trump, who has been criticized in Washington for creating a vacuum – by ordering the withdrawal of troops from northern Syria – that Russia hastened to fill.

Trump even argued that the "pain and suffering of the three-day struggle" of the Turkish offensive in northern Syria "was directly responsible for the US" ability to "reach an agreement with Turkey and the Kurds, which It could never have been achieved without this outbreak. ”

"Today's announcement validates our way of proceeding with Turkey, which was criticized only a couple of weeks ago, and now people are saying:‘ Wow, what a great result, congratulations. " It's too soon to congratulate me, but we've done a great job, we've saved many lives, ”said Trump.

"We have saved tens of thousands of Kurds and I'm not talking about the long term, but about the short term," said the president.

Trump thanked Erdogan, whom he described as "a man who loves his country and believes he is doing the right thing," and hinted that he will keep the meeting he had scheduled with him on November 13 in Washington. .

He also said he had spoken by telephone with the commander of the Democratic Syrian Forces (FSD), Mazlum Abdi, and thanked him for his "great strength."

The president dedicated much of his speech to criticize the mistakes of his predecessors in the Middle East, where they spent "billions of dollars" without "never wanting to really win those wars" and defended his will to move away from the region.

"Let others fight over these bloodstained lands for so long," he said.



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