Donald Trump Announces That He Will Add Some Countries To His Program That Prohibits Income To The United States. UU. | International | News

Zurich –

US President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that his administration is preparing to add "some countries" to its controversial list of nations whose citizens are banned from entering the United States or severe restrictions apply.

"We are adding some countries (to the list). We have to ensure our security. Our country has to be safe," he said in Davos outside the World Economic Forum, adding that "very soon" new countries will be announced on the list .


The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that the Trump administration plans to add seven states, especially Africans and Asians, including Nigeria.

According to the newspaper, the other nations affected by the measure would be Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Burma, Sudan and Tanzania.

The first countries on this list, mostly Muslims, were announced in January 2017, when Trump assumed the presidency, which provoked strong criticism. (I)



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