Donald Trump Asked Australia For Help In Russian Plot Investigation

EFE and AP

Washington, D.C. / 30.09.2019 17:27:37

President Donald Trump asked the Prime Minister of Australia and other foreign leaders to collaborate with Justice Secretary William Barr in an investigation into the origins of the Russian election interference investigation.


This is to go against prosecutor Robert Mueller and try to obtain information that would discredit the investigation of Russian interference in the last elections of 2016, as reported by The New York Times on Monday.

Trump initiated the talks at Barr's request, said a Justice Department official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

The official said the recent conversation with the Australian government was only one of "several occasions" in which the president has made introductory phone calls on behalf of the secretary of justice as part of the investigation of Connecticut federal prosecutor John Durham , about the origins of special research on Russia.

The information obtained reveals that the call to Morrison, carried out in recent weeks, had the sole purpose of requesting help from the Department of Justice regarding Mueller's investigation.

One of The New York Times sources adds that it was the attorney general who asked Trump to contact Morrison for that purpose. He told the prime minister that William Barr would contact his counterpart, according to the official.

The revelation comes at a time when the House of Representatives has opened a formal investigation of political trial against Trump.




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